Aktan Abdikalikov

Born: 1957 (Sakoulou, Kountouou, Kyrgyzstan)

A graduate of the Art School of Kyrghyzstan, Abdikalikov first worked as a set designer for Kirgisfilm. After several well-received documentaries and short films, his first feature-length fiction film, Beshkempir, won the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. Still a rising star on the international circuit, his next feature, Maimil, was invited to the Cannes Film Festival's "Un Certain Regard". In his highly autobiographical trilogy (Sel'kincek, Beshkempir, Maimil), Abdikalikov depicts the complex development of a child becoming adult. The pictures harken back to the Kyrghyz of his youth, and he shoots the landscape with the loving, exacting eye of a painter.

FILMOGRAPHY (as writer/director unless otherwise noted)

Chimp/Maimil (2001)
The Adopted Son/Beshkempir, 1998;
Assan-Ussen/Hassan Hussen, 1997; (director only)
Bus Stop/Beket, 1995;
Bech-Terek, 1995;
The Swing/Sel'kincek, 1993; (director only)
Gde tvoj dom, ulitka?, 1992; (director only)
Kon, 1991;
Bezala sobaka, 1990;
The Dog Was Walking By, 1989;
Zagovor, 1989; (production designer only)
Presledovaniye, 1988; (production designer, actor only)
Priyut dlya sovershennoletnikh, 1987; (production designer only)
Katastrofu ne razreshayu, 1985; (production designer only)

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