SOVIET FILM,105 1966,S.17 VE 27.







Crew: Director, Screenwriter

Actors: Yuliya Vysotskaya, Ilya Isaev, Irina Rozanova, Olga Arntgolts, Yefim Shifrin

Synopsis: A woman who dreams of fame and success will let nothing stand in the way of her goals in this pointed drama from Russian director Andrei Konchalovksy. For most of her life, Galya (Yuliya Vysotskaya) has wanted to make something of herself in the fashion industry, but in the town of Rostov, she Read More








    On the 20th of the previous month a member of the renowned Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky family, Andron Konchalovsky, was 65. Born to a family of writers Natalia Konchalovskaya and Sergei Mikhalkov, brothers Andron Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov, devoted their life to filmmaking. Initially many thought that Andron will make a pianist, and he graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire. Probably, this is the reason why recently Andron Konchalovsky was a success as opera director. He staged Tchaikovsky's opera "Yevgeny Onegin" in La Scala and Prokofyev's "War and Peace" and Verdi's "Un ballo in maschera" at the St. Petersburg Mariinsky theatre. In 2002 the first night performance of "War and Peace" staged by Andron Konchalovsky was given at the Metropolitan Opera.
    He did not make a musician. In a book of his memoirs Andron Konchalovsky writes that he realized he must make films. This understanding came to him after he saw the film "Cranes Are Flying". His career in cinema was breath-taking. His short film "The Boy and the Pigeon" which he made as a student was awarded with the Bronze Lion prize of the Venetian festival of children's films. Yet genuine fame came to Andron Konchalovsky after his films "The First Teacher" after Chingiz Aitmatov's novel and "A Nobelman's Nest" by Ivan Turgenev. From that time on Andron Konchalovsky was seen as the hope of Russian filmmaking; he was placed in one row with Andrei Tarkovsky and Larisa Shepitko.
    His films "Uncle Vanya", " Romance of Lovers" and "Sibiriana" received a great variety of prizes at various international festivals. Andron Konchalovsky was one of the first Russian filmmakers cooperating with Hollywood. His films "Maria's Lovers" with Anastasia Kinski, "Tango and Cash" with Sylvester Stallone and "Runaway Train" were a great success. Andron Konchalovsky's grandiose project entitled "Odissea" won the Emmy award of the American Academy of TV arts.
    At present Andron Konchalovsky is completing work in Russia over a film entitled "A House of Fools". It has already been chosen for the programme of the forthcoming film festival in Venice.
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