Basic catalogue of Kazakh Cinema


1988 - 1998

by Gulnara Abikeeva 


The Needle
Kazakhfilm, 81 minutes, color
Directed by Rashid Nugmanov
Script by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
Director of photography - Murat Nugmanov
Songs written and performed by Victor Tsoy
CAST : Victor Tsoy, Marina Smirnova, Peter Mamonov
PRIZES: "Zolotoy dyuk" Odessa-88, Nuremberg-90.
In this postmodern drama, a young man returns to his hometown and finds out
that his girlfriend has become a drug addict. He attempts to get her off
drugs, with tragic consequences.

Kazakhfilm, 9 reels, color
Directed by Kalibek Salikov
Script by Shakhimardan Kusainov
Director of photography - A. Suleev
CAST : E. Egelmanov, Y. Goroshevki, K. Sarsenbekov, A. Chuzhegulov.
PRIZES: "Bastow" Almaty-89

An old-fashioned coming of age story is tracing the adventures of its teenage
protagonist, Aidar, and his friends in late 50's-early 60's Almaty.

Three Men
 Kazakhfilm-Catharsis,  68 minutes, color
 Directed by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
 Script by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
 Director of photography - Nikolay Kirienko
 Art director - Sergey Bocharov
 Music - Elena Dedinskaya
Cast: Sergey Popov, Kasim Jakibayev, Zhanas Iskhakov, Zhanna Kuanisheva,
Grigori Epshtain, Vladimir  Golovin.
PRIZES:  "Debut" Mocow-90, "Sozvezdie -89"
The comedic tale of three homeless men working as ditch diggers.  When a film
crew starts shooting nearby, Vasilevich, one of the homeless laborers, decides
to make easy money by performing a dangerous stunt: he must jump over a car
driving at high speed.  With the help of his friends he performs the stunt,
but the money is not paid. However, their camaraderie and dignity are the best
reward for the friends.

Strange World of Desires and Hopes
Kazakhfilm, 8 reels, color
Directed by Bagdad Mustafin
Script by Hakim Bolebekov
Director of photography - Alexey Berkovich
Art director- Vladimir Trapeznikov
CAST: Mintay Utepbergenov, Farida Sharipova, Zhanna  Kerimtaeva, Nurmakhan

In this social drama with fantasy elements, everybody wants to be happy.
However, everybody understands happiness in his own way. A magician comes to
town and makes everyone's wishes come true.

Kazakhfilm, 8 reels, Color
Directed by Rustem Tazhibayev
Script by Zauresh Ergaliyeva and Ardak Amirkulov
Photography Director-Fyodor Aranishev
Art Director -E. Satibaldiev
Music by Baygali Serkebayev
Cast: Aktan Syunshalin, Talgat Naurizbayev, Erlan Ospanov, Alexander Asilbayev
The drama reveals the live of city teenagers for whom their parents are not aythoriyu anymore. Love to rock-music keeps the teenagers together. They can do anything to get an electric piano. They play music on funerals. They steel a car window.

Higher then Mountains
Kazakhfilm, 9 reels, color
Directed by Bulat Omarov
Script by Gennadi Bocharov
Director of photography - Bulat Suleev
Art director- Alexander Rorokin
CAST : Tasbolat Omarov, Gulziya Belbayeva, Baygali  Esenaliev, Kargambay
Drama. Based on the story by Gennadi Bocharov, "Higher Than Mountains" recounts the
experiences of  Abdrakhman Begimbetov, forestry officer, over a fifty year
period (from 30’s to 50’s).

Alem, White and Black, 28 minutes
Directed by Darezhan Omirbayev
Script by Darezhan Omirbayev and Leyla Akhinzhanov
Photography Director- Aubakir Suleyev
Art Director -Alexander Rorokin
Cast: Bakhitzhan Jartibayev

Shilde in Kazakh  means July or hit (hot temperature). The picture is a film sketch of two  boys’ life  full of village atmosphere: hot summer, siesta,  flies, movie sometimes shown in the village club, a trip for melons, a train station and unexplainable sadness.

Catharsis Studio, 2 series
Directed by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
Script by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
CAST : Abdrashit Abdurakhmanov, Sergei Popov

Action. A police officer fights with Mafia. His life spent  for seeking the truth
ends as a tragedy for the main character


The Last Stop
Kazakhfilm, 78 minutes, color
Directed by Serik Aprimov
Script by Serik Aprimov
Director of photography - Murat Nougmanov
Art director - Sabit Kurmanbekov
CAST : Sabit Kurmanbekov, Murat Akhmetov, Bakhitzhan Alpeesov, Nagimbek
Samaev.Victor Tsoy,
PRIZES:  "Debut-90", "Molodsot'-89"

Little fish in love
Kazakhfilm for GRTK, 84 minutes, color
Directed by Abay Karpikov
Script by Boris Ryakhhovski and Abay Karpikov
Music by Igor Kefalidi
Photography director- Georgi Geedt
CAST : Bopesh Zhandayev, Galina Shatyenova, Natalia Novikova, Sattar
Dikkambayev, Assan Kuyate, Ablay Karpikov.
PRIZES: "Tbilisi-90" Premiered at the Lincoln Center (New York)1990.
An impressionistic melodrama about the unusual circumstances of Zhaken, who
learns about life through someone's else’s mistakes.

Social drama. A young man returns home after serving in the army and spends
three days in  his native village. These days are enough to reveal the social situation of
the villagers: unemployment and alcoholism. The hopelessness of this life impels
the young man to leave the village.

The Revenge
Kazakhfilm/ Alem Union, 100 minutes, color
Directed by Ermek Shinarbayev
Script by Anatoli Kim
Director of photography - Sergey Kosmanev
Music by- Vladislav Shoot.
CAST : Alexander Pan, Valentina Te, Kasim Zhakibayev, Lubov Germanova, Oleg
Lee, Yuzas Budraitis, Zinaida Em, Maxim Munzuk.
PRIZES:  "Podolsk-91" "Tour-92"

A philosophical parable about a young poet who must avenge the death of his
little sister. He asks the god to let him commit a murder, accepting the fate
of being a killer instead of a poet. Destiny, though,  keeps him from
fulfilling his sinful duty.

The Touch
Kazakhfilm, 82 minutes, color
Directed by Amanzhol Aituarov
Script by Bayan Sarigulov
Director of photography - Marat Tokhtibakiyev
Art director - Murat Musin
CAST : Dana Kairbekova, Bakhit Sabirzhanov, Nurzhan Ekhtimbayev, S.
PRIZES: "Sverdlovsk-90", "Nantes-90", "Almaty-90", "San-Remo-93"

On her way to the Promised Land, a blind girl meets a gangster and they fall
in love. Their love makes a miracle: the girl regains her sight. This romantic
story ends tragically. The girl is betrayed by her beloved and commits
suicide; her soul turns a beautiful bird symbolizing her innocence.

The woman of the Day
Kazakhfilm, 86 minutes, color
Directed by Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
Script by Alexey Pavlov, Alexander Baranov and Bakhit Kelebayev
Director of photography - Georgi Geedt
Music by Elena Dedinsaya
CAST : Alika Smekhova, Alexey Rozenberg, Vadim Effimov, A.Osipov, Olga
Shramko, V.Reshetnikova, S.Tipteyeva, L.Osipova.

The saga of a modern woman. Alexandra, is beautiful, independent and
lonely. She works as a model and has an affair with her photographer, but
he is married. Finally, she meets a young man who becomes her soulmate.
Ironically, his name is Alexander. Unfortunately, the duet of Alexandra and
Alexander is not mean to be.
The Little Wolf Among People
MosFilm, 84 minutes, Color
Directed by Talgat Temenov
Scrip by Talgat Temenov, Bayan Sarigulov
Photography Director Georgi Geedt
Art Director Vladimir Trapeznikov
Music by Tulegen Mukhamedzhanov
CAST: Aikin Kalikov, Nurzhan Ikhtinbayev, Botagoz Nurlibayeva, Beken Rimova, Erbolat Ospankulov
Prizes: Grand-Prize Frankfurt on Maine-89, Jury Prize Lisbon-90
A boy lives with his grandmother in a village. Once he finds a baby wolf in the forest brings it home and keeps in the garret. The hunter who killed the wolf mother thinks that the little wolf his deserved prize and he looks for the little wolf. The boy runs home to protect his little friend but it’s too late and the hunter already killed the little wolf.

Manchuria Variation (Hokuman Hotel )
Kazakhfilm, Miras, 8reels, Color.
Directed by Igor Vovnyanko and Tsoy Gook Ine (Japan)
Script by Igor Vovnyanko and Asanali Ashimov
Director of photography - Marat Tokhtibakiyev
Art director - Boris Yakub
CAST : Asanali Ashimov, Sovetbek Jumadilov, Bolotbek Beyshinaliev, Edgar
Sagdiev, Tatyana Tsoy.
The sequel to "Transsiberian Express," a story of work of  NKVD. Chadiyarov, an experienced  NKVD agent, works as  high-ranking  military officer in the Japanese Army.

Sultan Beybars
Kazakhfilm, 2 series , color
Directed by Bulat Mansurov
Script by Moris Simashko and Bulat Mansurov
Director of photography - B. Bakhitbekov and N. Vasilkov
Art director- Rustem Odinaev
Costume desiner- Galim Madanov
CAST : Nurmukhan Zhanturin, D. Beysenov, K. Kozhibekov, Bogdan Khmelnitski,
T.Plotnikova, A.Tolkunova, A.Zhaliev, D.Khudaibergenov, G.Chokhonilidze, G.Lezhava, B. Beishenaliev,  K. Kuravlev.

A historical drama based on the life of the 13th century Sultan Beybars. A Kipchak (ancient Kazakh) taken away from the Great Steppe, he grows up like Mowgli, surviving in a human beings' jungle. Beybars becomes a sultan of the Great
Moghuls, in what is now of modern India. He achieves glory and unlimited
power, but desires to meet the sunset of his life as a simple Kipchak in his
native steppes.

 Full Moon
Kazakhfilm, 8 reels, Color.
Directed by Naana Chankova
Script by Layla Akhinzhanova
Director of photography - Tatiana Loginova
Art director - Yuri Vainshtok
Music by Eduard Bogushevski
CAST: O.Enzak, E. Yassen, V. Khatakhonov, M. Chernin.
A girl named Aya comes to a sanitarium where she sees the complicated world of patients relationships. The main subject of the movie is lock of attention to an ill person living away from healthy people.

Alem, White and black, 35mm, 20 minutes
Directed by Amir Karakulov
Script by Alexander Baranov, Amir Karakulov and Bakhit Kelebayev
Photography Director Dmitri Perednya
Art Director Erbol Satibaldiev
Cast: Serik Sharipbayev, Turar Rickulov
By a chance, Karim and his friend happen to be on deserted tumble springs. Where Karim as a poet re-evaluate his life. His verses contain his past and present but not his future.


Kozi-Korpesh and Bayan Sulu
Elemay production
Catharsis, 70 minutes, 35mm
Directed by Asanali Ashimov
Script by Asanali Ashimov and Shakhimardan Kusainov
Photography Director- Marat Tokhtibakiyev
Art Director - Vladimir Trapeznikov
Music by Talgat Saribayev
Cast: Asia Bakbergenova , Ascar Bulanov

It’s a film version of the Kazakh folklore parable of Kozi and Bayan, Kazakh Romeo and Juliet.

Hamlet from Suzak
Kazakhfilm, Miras,  90 minutes, color.
Directed by Satibaldi Narimbetov
Script by Alexander Borodyansky and Eldor Urazbayev
Photography Director Valentin Savenkov
Art Director Idris Karsakbekov
Music by Alma Turganbaeyva with participation of Alisher Suleymyenov
Cast: Sovetbek Jumadilov, Amar Kiresh, Alma Turgambayeva, Ashirbek Chokubayev, Anuar Boranbayev.

The script is based on the novel with the same name by Satibaldy  Narimbetov. The janra combines tragedy and comedy. Misfortune follows the main character, Rappak. He moves all over around the country looking for better life. He is tied and wants to settle; he marries a young girl and she leaves him for another man. Despaired Rappak makes a parachute jump at his native village.

The Eastern Corridor
Orken-Film 13 reels Color
Directed by Bolat Omarov
Script by Vladimir Degtyaryov
Photorgaphy director- Byek Baktibyekov
Art Director – Tatyana Filatova
Music by Alexander Zatsepin
Cast: Rustem  Urazayev, Amir Chokumbyev, Matlyuba Alimova, Baiten Omarov, Venera Nigmatulina
Ironical action. Mafia from Russia, Caucasian republics and Central Asia get together in Yalta to divide „Eastern Corridor“ territories of their influences in the former Soviet Union.

Ultugan (Sea Come Over)
Catharsis, 73 minutes, color
Directed by Yedige Bolisbayev
Script by Yedige Bolisbayev
Director of photography - Murat Duganov
Music by Renat Salavatov
CAST : Jambul Kudaybergenov, Ararat Mashanov

Ultugan, a simple village woman lives on the banks of the Aral, a sea
becoming extinct. She meets the love of her life, who, unfortunately, has a sick wife
and two children. Ultugan decides to break this love triangle; she leaves the
village. The image of the dying sea symbolizes her hopeless love.

Kazakhfilm, Miras, 72 minutes, Color,
Directed by Bolat Kalimbetov
Script by Alisher Suleymenov
Photography Director-Talgat  Taishanov
Art Director - Marat Sarsenbayev
Cast: Sana Zhetpisbaeyva, Fardad Seifullin, Erbolat Ospankulov, Kasim Jakibayev
Prizes: Montreal-92, Nantes-92, Iran-92, Holland-92, Almaty-93.
The lives of Zhanar and Alisher symbolize the destiny of whole generation of young people who grow up in arias with ecological problems, consequences  of neutron experiments.

The Last Leaf
Kazakhfilm, 40 minutes, Color.
Directed and Script by Trokhtar Karsakbayev
Photography Director-Igor Startsev
Art Director- Anderei Son
Music by Yaroslav Savostin
Cast: Kasim Zhakibayev, Dana Kairbekova, Irina Krupeny

The film is based on the story by O’Henry. An old alcoholic artist helps to a depressed girl who decides to suicide. The artist paints a leaf on a tree. And when all leafs are gone there is one still. It gives a hope to the girl and returns her to life.

The Bird
Kazakhfilm, Miras, 44minutes, Color
Directed and Script by Alisher Suleymenov
Photography Director-Marat Tokhtibakiyev
Art Director-Bopesh Zhandayev
Cast: Gulzhan Kapilbayeva

The drama opens one day of a young man. He finds his girlfriend with another man and breaks up with her. He goes to a bar and witnesses a murder.  He has a misunderstanding with his best friend.  The only way to escape this situation is ignoring the reality.


Kazakhfilm, 91 minutes, Color
Directed by Victor Pusurmanov
Script by Alexey Berkovich and Victor Pusurmanov
Photography Director Alexey Berkovich
Music by Alexander Aizenshtadt
Cast: Gulnara Rakhimbayeva, Kamal Talvar, Arman Asenov, Albina Garayeva.
Prizes: Ashgabat-91

Heroic fairy tale
"Kaisar" follows the many adventures of its eponymous hero.  All his troubles and exploits make Kaisar even stronger because his brave heart treasures real friendship and love.

Fate of Otrar
Kazakhfilm, 160 minutes, 2 series
Directed by Ardak Amirkulov
Script by Svetlana Karmalita and Alexey German
Director of photography - Saparbek Koychumanov, Aubakir Suleev
Music by Kuat Shildebayev
CAST : Bolat Beyshinaliyev, Dogdurbek Kadiraliyev, Tungishpay Jamankulov,
Sabira Atayeva.
Prizes: Montreal-91, Figeira-de-Fosh-91, Ashgabat-92, Kinotavr-92, Almaty-93

The story is based on the historical fact of the Mongol invasion led by Genghiz Khan of Otrar, a city in central Asia. A personal drama is revealed through the story of a native Otrar now serving in the Mongol army. His patriotic feelings take over and he decides to save his fatherland from the Golden Horde.

Alem, 81 minutes, Color
Directed by Amir Karakulov
Script by Amir Karakulov
Photography Director Dmitri Perednya
Cast: Dana Kairbyekova, Adel Turkenbayev, Rustem Turkenbayev, Peter Korolkov, Nataliya Dolmatova
Prizes: Venice-91, Moscow-91, Valencia-92, Almaty-93
The psychological drama unfolds the situation happening between to brothers when the oldest brings home a girl as his fiancée. The girl tries to seduce the youngest brother. Connection between brothers is so strong that they silently agree with the death of the woman trying to divide them.

Alem, 72 minutes, White and Black
Directed by Darezhan Omerbayev
Script by Darezhan Omerbayev
Photography Director Aubakir Suleev
Cast: Kairat Makhmedov, Indira Zheksenbayeva, Balzhan Beysenbekova, Samat Beysenbin, Talgat Asetov
Prizes: Strasbourg-92, Lokarno-92, Nantes- 92, Ashgabat-92,  Almaty-93

Psychological drama.
A young provincial man comes to a city to study in a university. He can't pass the entrance examination and goes through a cultural shock, but his experiences give him a new understanding of himself and the people around him.

Blown Kiss
Century 21, 84 minutes, color
Directed by Abay Karpikov
Script by Igor Poberezhsky
Photography Director Georgi Geedt
Music by Victor Vlasov
Cast: Katrin Khorma, Oleg Rudyuk, Konstantin Rodnin, Valentin Nikulin, Pavel Sokolov, Valentin Sefer
Festivals: Berlin-92, Chair-92

The chief doctor of a hospital in a Russian provincial town marries a nurse. When she suddenly falls in love with one of her patients, a race car driver recuperating from an accident, all her plans are changed.

Surjikey - The Angel of Death
Catharsis, 129 minutes, Color
Directed by Damir Manabayev
Script by Smagul Manaubayev and Damir Manabayev
Photography Director Bolat Suleev,
Music by Almaz Bestibayev
Cast: Meirman Nurikeyev, Nurmukhan Zhanturin, Zhanas Iskakov, Bakhitzhan Alpeesov, Shamshigul Mendiyarova
Prizes: Ashgabat - 91, Almaty-93
Historical drama
At the beginning of  the Soviet collectivization period in Kazakhstan, Azbergen, the main character, meets Surjikey, the angel of death. The angel makes a terrible prediction about the future of Azbergen: starvation and poverty as the result of collectivization.

Lovers of the December
Skif-Studio, 97 minutes, Color
Directed by Kalibek Salikov
Script by Kalibek Salikov, Marina Drozdova and Alexander Kisilyov
Photography Director- Sergey Osennikov
Music by Sophia Gubaidulina
Cast: Vyacheslav Baranov, Yulia Tarkhova, Vitali Petrov, Raikhan Aitkhozhanova, Lyudmila Dmitriyeva, Maria Izvekova, Lyudmila Ivanova.

The December 1986 revolt in Almaty disrupts the lives of Zoya and Aaron. They cannot emigrate to Israel or accept the political and economic reality in Kazakstan. When Zoya becomes mentally ill, Aaron kills her and then himself.

The Running Target
Kazakhfilm, 87 minutes, color
Directed by Talgat Temenov
Script by Oleg Manjiyev and Talgat Temenov
Photography Director- Bek Bakhitbekov
Art Director- Marat Imanbergenov and Rustem  Abdrashev
Music by Tulegen Mukhamedjanov
Cast: Nonna Mordyukova, Kanat Akhanov, Zhanna Chaikina
Prizes: Turin-92
After the December revolt, Sanzhar, a student of university, has to hide from the police.
He comes to a little village located next to a train station where the station worker, Zina, gives him a shelter.

Kazakhfilm, Miras, 77 minutes, White and black
Directed by Ayagan Shazhimbayev
Script by V, Turin and Zh. Korgasbek-tegi
Photography Director- Abiltay Kosteev
Art Director- Vladimir Ariskin
Cast:  Kasim Jakibayev, Galina Makarova, Kenes Nurlanov, Anna Tarakanova
The film starts from a sad episode; an old Russian woman pulls a little track with an old Kazakh man, a handicap in it to a train station.  They wait for the train going to Kazakhstan to send a letter to the man’s relatives. The film is their life-story containing different pages of youth, war and Stalin’s repression.

Mama Rose
Kazakhfilm, 55 minutes, White and Black
Directed by Aikhan Chatayeva
Script by Aikhan Chatayeva and Zauresh Ergaliyeva
Photography Director- Sapar Koichumanov
Art Director- Ruslan Fatikov
Cast: Jul Tapsu, Amina Umirzakova, Raisa Sadshakh
Festivals: Tashkent-92,  Canny-93, Almaty-93

Psychological drama. Two people share a roof; she is an old Kazakh lady and he is a black child abandoned by his parents. She is an extravagant person  with annoying habits, he is an egoist. It’s very hard  for them to find a compromise in their relationships. They go through loneliness and offenses and find a way to forgive each other and be a family.

God Be Merciful To Lost Souls
Kazakhfilm, 12 reels, color.
Directed by Igor Vovnyanko
Script by Igor Vovnyanko
Photography Director Marat Tokhtabakiyev
Music by Almas Serkibayev
Cast: Anna Lisachenko, A.Bassa, I. Dmitriev, Natalia Krachkovskaya, Yevgeni Kindilov, E. Soshalsky
Melodrama. A young tries to realize herself and get financial independents by prostituting. Every new man destroys the young soul. She doesn’t find understanding among her family and friends and she applies to the god.

The Little Retreat
Alem, 19 minutes,  Color
Directed by Gulsim Aldongarova
Script by Layla Akhinzhanova and Gaziz Nasirov
Photography Director- Gennadi Popov
Art Director-Marat Imanbergenov
Cast: Gulmira Atultanova

The psychological drama unfolds of a childhood of one boy. He grew up. Fears from his childhood  still scare him.

Kazakhfilm, 3 reels, color.
Directed by Ulzhan Koldaulova
Script by Ulzhan Koldaulova
Photography Director Talgat Taishanov
Art Director Gali Mirzashev
Music by Seken Turisbekov
Cast: Marina Kunarova, Talgat Abdrakhimov, Raushan Dauletshina
Festivals: Klermon-Feran- 93

A mute girl falls in love with a young veterinary. He brings her home where his mother gives her a hard time.   The man is too week to stay opposite of his mother, therefore, the girl is thrown out of the house.


MMM-Studio, 98minutes, Color
Directed by Bakhit Kelebayev
Script by Peter Lutsik and Alexey Smordyanov
Photography Director- Dmitri Perednya
Music by Fyodor Chistyakov
Cast: Victor Stepanov, Ivan Martinov, Katya Kmidt, Maria Vinogradova, Alexander Torfimov, Vladimir Timofeyev, Michael Burlikov, Kasim Zhakibayev, Alexander Kovalyov.
Prizes: Golden Ovyen-93, Kinotavr-94

Simple Kolya buys Gongofer, a male pig, at a farm exhibition. Kolya also meets a witch who falls in love with him and sucks his eyes instead of giving him a kiss. In Chertanovo, a Moscow province, Kolya fights with evil spirits.

A Journey To Nowhere
Kadam, 9 reels, Color
Directed by Amanzhol Aituarov
Script by Nnurlan Segizbayev and Amanzhol Aituarov
Photography Director Aubakir Suleev
Cast: Aidos Janseetov, Sattar Dikambayev, Dana  Kairbekova, Mukhtar Ospanov, Sergey Tritachenko.

Absurd, tragedy and comedy are mixed in this movie. Young people seeking adventure and a better life hijack an airplane to America. They accidentally land in a secret military base instead of the Florida of their dreams.

The Day of Announced Murders
Directed by Timur  Argancheev
A group of freelance workers construct a pipe line through a deserted step. The pipe has to be soldered peace by peace. Accidentally, one worker is left inside of  the pipe and the peace already soldered. The tragedy is in the fact that it’s the last peace of the pipe and it’s impossible to walk  hundreds miles inside of the pipe.   The people have a moral dilemma: to finish the contact in time or save a human life.

Life - Woman
Directed by Zhanna Serikbayeva
Script by Nina Filippova
Photography Director - Sapar Koichumaov
Music by Igor Koychumanov
Cast: Venera Nigmatulina, Tatyana Orlova, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Natalia Zhuravel

A young girl is the payment for a card game lost by her boyfriend. After killing a man in self defense she is sent to prison, where she experiences a moral transformation.

The Valley of Death
Kazakhfilm, 7 reels, color.
Directed by Igor Vovnyanko
Script by Alexander Baranov with participation of Igor Vovnyanko
Photography Director Marat Tokhtibakiyev
Music by Almaz Serkebayev
Cast: Vitali Davidoff, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Nurzhuman Ikhtinbayev, I. Seifulin, Berik Sabirzhanov.

Detective. After  death of his mother Pers conflicts with his    step-father. The boy tries to get money for studding in a navy-school. An attempt to get the money puts the main character in a big trouble. Finally, his best friend  is killed and Pers murders two Mafia men.

I Don’t Want to Say Good Bay
Kazakhfilm, 70 minutes, color.
Directed by Kanibek Kasimbekov
Script by Vadim Trunin and Kanibek Kasimbekov
Photography Director- Aubakir Suleev and Bolat Suleev

Melodramatic story of the love triangle between a mute and deaf girl, Aigerim and two men, Nurseit and Toganbay. The men try to express their feelings towards Aigerim though song and poetry.

Lenfilm and Studio-R  MP-Granit,  87 miutes, color
Directed by Sergey Rusakov
Script by Sergey Rusakov
Photography Director Alexey Chugunov and Nikolay Zhalin
Music by Andrei Misin
Cast: Nina Ruslanova, Sergey Garmash, Alyosha Igushkin, Galina Makarova, Garik Sukachyov, Roma Barishev
It’s a sad comedy taking us to the 70’s to a god forsaken village in Russia, where there are only alcoholism and poverty .   One of the habitats is a little boy named Shumilka (Shumilka means noisy in Russian). He is  a joker of the village  The boy can not except the sad reality and ignorance of the habitats.

The Trajectory of the Arrow
Marzhan, 9 reels, Color
Directed by Yedige Bolisbayev
Script by Yedige Bolisbayev
Photography Director- Victor Osennikov
Music by Kuat Shildebayev
Cast: Venera Nigmatulina, Talgat Kazibekov, and Gulnara Aldibergenova
A young girl gets married because of financial reasons. Of course, later she meets a man she falls in love with. The story is about solving this psychological problem.

The Shadow of the Boy
Alem, 18 minutes, Color
Directed by Timur Suleymenov
Script by Timur Suleymenov
Photography Director- Ermek Mambetov
Art Director- Murat Musin
Cast: Gabit Mukhamedianov, Kasim Jakibayev, Darezhan Omerbayev, Kanat Esyentayev, Kanat Batirbekov, Azhan Ulanova.

A boy, his father and his grandfather live in a house on a see bank. In their boring life ther is only one interesting thing; every day a beautiful girl, a nurse comes to give a shot to the grandfather. One day the nurse doesn’t come. The boy goes to look for her. He crosses a railroad and goes so far where he has never been before. The boy finds traces understandable only for him and showing that the girl is murdered.


A Dream in A Dream
Kazakhfilm, 90minutes, Color
Directed by Serik Aprimov
Script by Serik Aprimov
Photography Director - Fyodor Aranishev
Art Director- Umirzak Shmanov.
Music by Kuat Shildebayev
Cast: Baurzhan Ibragimov, Gulnara Dosmatova, Bakhitzhan Alpeesov, Dana Zhamanbalina
Prizes: Almaty-93
Criminal drama.
The story of the life and love of a theater director who becomes a murder suspect.  His diary, the only evidence of the crime,  contains four subjects: theater, dreams, love and friends. The police investigator studying the diary explores the psyche of the director.

Wild East
Kino, 95 minutes, Color
Directed by Rashid Nugmanov
Script by Rashid Nugmanov
Photography Director-Marat Nugmanov
Art Director -Rustem Abdrashev and Baurzhan Aldekov
Music by Alexander Aksyonov
Cast: Konstantin Fedorov, Alexander Aksyonov, Gennadi Shatunov, Konstantin Shamshurin, Zhanna Isina, Pavel Shpakovsky.

This post-modern drama is re-make of Seven Samurais. The actions happen on the territory of the former Soviet Union now totally destroyed by wars and economical disasters. A  village of midgets is attacked  by  gangsters. The habitants decide to start a new life and hire a security guard for the village.

The Place On A Triangle Hat
Alem, 82minutes, Color
Directed by Ermek Shinarbayev
Script by Nikita Jelkybayev
Photography Director- Sergey Kosmanyev
Cast: Adil Yesenbulatov, Saulye Suleymenova, Yulia Sukhova, Andrei Melnik, Kasim Jakibayev.
Prizes: Lokarno-93

Psychological drama.
A man with a very cynical view of life decides to kill himself.  Happily, his suicide attempt fails and causes him to re-evaluate the meaning of life.

Last Colds
Catharsis , 70 minutes, 35 mm.
Directed by Bolat Iskakov
Script by Bolat Iskakov, Bolat Kalimbetov and Satibaldi Narimbetov
Photography Director-Sergey Osennikov
Art Director- M. Gaukhman -Sverdlov and M. Sarsenbayev
Music by Tulegen Mukhamedkhanov
Cast: Ksenia Baranova, Vitali Gusyev, Nariman Bekturov

A story of two teenagers after the second world war.

... And Saw It In A Dream
Kazakhfilm, 7 reels, color.
Directed by Layla Aranisheva
Script by Layla Akhinzhanova and Alexander Baranov
Photography Director Nurtai Borbiyev
Music by Vyacheslav Gaivoronski
Cast: Victor Proskurin, Aurelia Anuzhite

A love story between 40-year old radiologist working on the steppes and a young girl, in which reality is enmeshed with his dreams and fantasies.

Kadam, 8 reels, color.
Directed by Timur Suleymenov
Script by Timur Suleymenov with participation of  John Goldstain
Photography Director- Talgat Taishanov
Art Director-Sabit Kurmanbyekov
Cast: Kanat Esentayev, John Goldstain, G. Mukhamedyanov
Prizes: Grand Prize of Bratislava- 95, Saint-Anna-96

Surrealistic drama.
A little boy has an unexplainable talent - his soul can separate from his body. The boy falls asleep and his soul moves into the body of  the murdered boyfriend of his mother. The revived boyfriend and the coroner investigate the case and find the murderer.

Namis. Toukhmet. (Version of 1998)
Independent Production, 8 reels, Color
Directed by Ulzhan Koldaulova
Script by Ulzhan Koldaulova
Photography Director - Sapar Koychumanov and Talgat Taishanov
Art Director- Marat Emanbergenov
Music by Saken Turisbyekov
Cast: Shinar Askarova, Gulzhan  Kalibayeva, Dokhtirbek  Kadiraliyev, Gulsara Ezhibekova.
The marriage  of young girl and  a young man have been arranged since their childhood. The both families are wealthy and  powerful. But the marriage doesn’t happen. Someone kidnaps the girl and rapes her. A young widow gives a shelter to the poor girl.  In the certain time the girl has a son and meets a hors trader. She doesn’t love him but for sake of her son she stays with the hors trader.

The Station of Love
Alem, 87 minutes, Color.
Directed by Talgat Temenov
Script by Talgat Temenov and Layla Akhinzhanova
Photography Director -Alexey Berkovich
Art Director- Alexander Rorokin
Cast: Bayan Mukhitdinova, Kubanichbek Adilov, Bopesh Zhandaev
The melodramatic story is based on “Gulnaz”, a novel by Talgat Temenov. It’s a village story of two classmates. After graduation he travels to city to study in a collage. She stays in the village and waits for him. Daily routines make the love forgotten. After seven years they meet and understand that something very important is missing in their lives.

Kazakhfilm, color.
Directed by Alexey Berkovich
Script by Baigali Serkebayev, Vladimir Mikloshich, Batirkhan Shukenov
Photography Director-Alexey Berkovich
Art Director- Sergey Almazov
Music by Baigali Serkebayev
Cast: Baigali Serkebayev, Vladimir Mikloshich, Batirkhan Shukenov

Musical. A man lives in a provincial town. Once a music band comes to perform to the town and he finds out that the music of the band exactly the same with what he was hearing always in his mind.

Abulkhair Khan
Color, 35mm
Catharsis, 70 minutes, 35mm
Directed by Victor Pusurmanov
Script by Ermek Tursunov
Photography Director- Nikolay Kiriyenkov
Music by Kuat Shildebayev
Cast: T. Zhamankulov, Kuanisheva, A. Ismakolov, M. Azimbay, T. Miratov, Asanali Ashimov

The duty before the nation is the most important. Therefore, the main characters become prisoners of the duty. The historical drama is more accented by the music taking bitterness and richness of the history.

Er-studio, 76 minutes, color.
Directed by Slambyek Taukyelov
Script by Smagul Yelubayev
Photography Director-Anuar  Daulibayev
Art Director-Idris Karsakbayev
Music by Seken Turisbyekov
Cast: Zhumakhan Abdikadirov, Satimzhan Sanbayev, Alina Makhmetova, Kenes  Nurlanov, Ashir Chokubayev.
Prizes: Ankara-95
The epic drama is based on a poem by Magjan Zhumabayev. Batir-Bayan is one of the legendary heroes of the 200 year struggle between the Kazakhs and the Jungars for the territorial and political independence of the Kazakh kingdom. The film  describes the tragic love between Batir-Bayan and a Jungar girl, a prisoner of the Kazakh army.


Dove's Bell-Ringer
Kazakhfilm, 7 reels, color.
Directed by Amir Karakulov
Script by Amir Karakulov and Elena Gordeyeva
Photography Director- Fyodor Aranishev
Cast: Genghiz  Nogaibayev, Elmira Makhmutova,  Elena Gordeyeva, Gani  Kulzhanov
Prizes: Grand prize of Taormin-94
A poetic love story of young people living on an isolated steppe. A narrative of biblical beauty unfolds against a backdrop of untamed, untouched nature. Ultimately, the girl dies during childbirth.

Tender Heart
Kazakhfilm, 85 reels, color.
Directed by Ermek Shinarbayev
Script by Layla Akhinzhanova
Photography Director-Sergey Kosmanyev
Art Director- Vladimir Trapeznikov
Cast: Natalia Arinbasarova, Adil Yesenbulatov, Saulye Suleymenova
Prizes: San-Sebostian-94. Geneva-94

An unexpected encounter changes the existence of a fifty-year old former ballerina, disappointed in life after three husbands and two children. She falls in love with a much younger man, setting off a conflict between her passionate desires and psychological disconnection.

The Chronic of the Young Accordion Player
Miras, 90 minutes, White and Black
Directed by Satibaldi Narimbetov
Script by Satibaldi Narimbetov and  Istulye Izmaganbetov
Photography Director-Khasan Kadiraliyev
Art Director-Rustem Abdrashev
Cast: Daulet Taniyev, Petya Khaitovich, Bakhitzhan Alpeesov

The story takes us in the period of Stalinism in Kazakhstan and it’s told from a little boy’s point of view. The boy is an accordion player. His father is prosecuted by the government for having friendly relationships with Japanese prisoners.
Prizes: Anapa-94, Special prize “For the Author’s Cinema ”of International Conference of European Filmmakers, Anzhe-95, Berlin-95, Riga96, the national grand of the Republic of Kazakhstan-96, Prize of George Saduya-96

Kara Bala
Kazakhfilm, 27 minutes, White and Black
Directed by Kenzhebay Dusenbayev
Script by Sain Muratbekov and Kenzhebay Dusenbayev
Cast: S. Shaimerdenov, D. Kozhekbayev

It’s a story of a fun boy named Kara Bala. His mother  can’t wait to see him married but he falls in love with a married woman.


Kazakhfilm, 75 minutes, color.
Directed by Darezhan Omerbayev
Script by Darezhan Omerbayev
Photography Director-Boris Troshev
Art Director-Sabit Kurmanbyekov
Cast: Zhasulan Asaulov, Saulye Toktibayeva, Altinai Tattibekova, Gulnara Dosmatova
Prizes: Prize of  UNESCO, Venice-95

Psychological drama
A village teenager is admitted to a city sanitarium, where his inability to speak Russian results in cultural isolation.  This conflict with the harsh realities of existence help him achieve a deeper understanding of himself and turns the boy into a man.

Kazakhfilm, 135 minutes, 2 series, Color.
Directed by  Ardak Amirkulov
Script by Ardak Amirkulov, Layla Akhinzhanova, Alexander Baranov
Photography Director Khasan Kidiraliyev
Art Director Umirzak Shmanov
Cast: Gabiden Turikbayev, Tungushpay Al’-Tarazy, Bolot Beyshinalieyv, Farida Zhantelova, Dinmukhamed Akhimov, Umirzak Shmanov, Beken Rimova.
Prizes: Grand-Prize of Tashkent Film Festival, Karol Vary.

The film pictures Abay, the main character and a historical person, poet and philosopher. The poetry of Abay is a mirror of the Kazakh soul.

The Hunter’s Family
International Federation of Women Filmmakers and DOS Studio with participation of  GAMS Film company, 78 minutes, color.
Directed by Shapiga Musina
Script by Shapiga Musina
Photography Director-Sapar Kaichumanov
Music by Kuat Shildebayev
Cast: Aigul Bagaeva, Meruert Utekesheva, Dokhturber Kadiraliyev
Prizes: Grand-prize of women cinema in Minsk

Parable. A young hunter living on high mountains brings home a young beautiful wife. They love and care about each other. The mother of the hunter, though, dislikes her daughter-in-law. The story ends tragically because an evil brings only an evil.


Kazakhfilm, 11 reels, Color
Directed by Kanimbek Kasimbekov
Script by Mirzatay Zholdasbekov
Photography Director- Aubakir Sulyeev and Bulat Sulyeev
Art Director- Musa Abdiyev and Michael Kolbasovski
Cast: Mukhamedzhan Tazabekov, Gulmira Imangaliyeva, Nurzhan Ikhtimbayev, Sovetbek Zhumadilov, Nurilbay Yesengaliyev.

The historical film is dedicated to Jambul, a great Kazakh poet of the period of the end of the 19th  and beginning of the 20th century.

Kazakhfilm, 100 minutes, color.
Directed by Alexander Baranov
Script by Alexander Baranov
Photography Director- Fyodor Aranishev
Art Director-Vladimir Trapeznikov and Sabit Kurmanbyekov
Music by Elena Dedinskaya
Cast: Vladimir Tolokonnikov , Vyacheslav Chernishov, Dimash Akhimov,  Amina Umirzakova, Ekaterina Petlyakova, Artur Zagidulin

Social drama.
A deteriorating section within an affluent district of Almaty is marked for demolition,  and its ethnically diverse population is forced to relocate. Some are moving to Russia, some to Germany, and some decide to stay in Almaty. This seemingly simple story is actually a parable about the meaning of life.

Independent production,
Directed by T. Umirzakov
The film is a biographical story  of Amina Umirzakova, a famous dramatic actress.

Bars, 2 series.
Directed by Kaldibay Abyenov,
Script by Nurlan Segizbayev, Alexander Lapshin and Kaldibay Abyenov
Photography Director Abiltay Kostyeev
Art Director- Alexander Deriganov and Kaldibay Sedanov
Cast: Alan Satayev, Zhazira Kozhabergenova, Marina Kunarova

The drama reveals the reality of the national revolt of the  December 1986 in Almaty.  Azat is a generalized image of the young people, mostly students been the plot of the revolt. They became guilty without guilt, misfits on their native land.

Khomuchi, an Archer
Directed by Victor Pusurmanov
Script by Victor Pusurmanov
Photography Director- Tuvshinbat
Music by Enkhtaivan
Cast: Doskhan Zholzhakhsinov, Telkes Meyramov
The film is based on a middle century legend of love between a Mongolian archer and a Kazakh girl.

Someone Who Is More Tender
Kazakhfilm, Fora-Film, 92 minutes, color.
Directed by Abay Karpikov
Script by Abay Karpikov and Layla Akhinzhanova
Photography Director-Georgi Geedt, Nikolay Kiriyenko and  Alexey Berkovich
Music by Leonid Desyatnikov
Cast: Ksenia Kachalina, Bopesh Zhandaev, Andrei Rostotski, Aristarkh Livanov, Frakhat Abdraimov, Nikolay Stotski, Bolot  Beishenaliyev

Ironical western. All the treasures of the world are the teeth of a dragon spread over the earth. One tooth is a family lucky charm that brings prosperity and happiness to its owner. A group of brave young people decide to find this golden tooth and a gangster band tries to stop them. Who will get the treasure?

Last Holidays
D-Studio, 70 minutes, 35mm Color
Produced by Sano Sindzyu (Japan) and Amir Karakulov
Directed by Amir Karakulov
Script by Alyona Gordeyeva
Photography Director- Murat Nugmanov
Art Director - Bopesh Zhandaev
Music by Manas Karakulov
Cast: Sanzhar Iskhakov, Shaalva, Gogoladze, Anatoli Gapchuk
Prizes: Tokio
The tragedy reveals the reality of the Communist 70’s in Kazakhstan. Three teenagers under the effect of alcohol and   marihuana steel music equipment. This adventure ends tragically for all of them .


Kazakhfilm, 2 series, color.
Directed by Bolat Sharip
Script by Saken Zhunusov
Music by Zhanbota  Tuyakbayev
Cast: Zamzagul Sharipova,  Gulnara Seitembetova, Erik Zholzhaksinov, Aristan  Kikimov

Psychological drama.
The forced collectivization of Kazakhstan in the 1930's precipitates the mass flight of Kazakhs to China, among them the daughter of a wealthy man killed by the Communists.  After many years, she, now old and gray-haired, kidnaps her grandson from her daughter-in-law and illegally brings him back to the fatherland where he belongs.

The Bitterness of the Fall
Independent production
Directed  and script by Gulyanda Shutanova
8 reels, color
Photography by Gennadi Popov

The story has three main lines. The first is a  woman taking care of strike dogs, though, she barely makes living. Second, a life of an unemployed   man. The third line is strike children .

Kazakhfilm, 8 reels, color.
Directed by Serik Aprimov
Script by Serik Aprimov
Photography Director- Boris Troshev
Art Director- Sabit Kurmanbyekov
Cast: Sabit Kurmanbyekov, Erzhan Ashim, Makangali Abdullayev, Nurzhuman Ikhtimbayev, Gulnazit Omarova.

Psychological drama
A tale of two brothers: one, an upright, honest villager; and the other, an amoral city idler.

The Gift from Gods
Orken-film, 9 reels, color.
Directed by Victor Chugunov
Script by Elena Bogokhudova and Victor Chugunov
Photography Director Alexey Chugunov
Music by Eduard Bogushevski
Cast: Murat Alkhozhayev, Laira Ergaliyeva, Marat Azimbayev

Fair-tale.  Somewhere on the heaven gods dispute what is more important for a human being. They decide to make an experiment on Esen, an orphan boy. The gods send him money, he waists it. They make him powerful but he is not happy. Finally, the gods give the boy wisdom and he reaches all his goals.


Kadam, Artkam(France), 75 minutes, color.
Directed by Darezhan Omerbayev
Script by Lemara Zheksimbayeva
Photography Director- Boris Troshev
Art Director-Alim Sabitov
Cast: Talgat Asetov, Roxana Abulova, Ascar Rakhimzhanov
Prizes: "Special Sight " Cannes-98,  Karol Vary-98
Psychological drama.
Marat, after crashing the Mercedes he's hired to drive, borrows money from the Mafia to pay back the owner for the repairs. Despite his hard work, economic conditions and a corrupt society conspire against him. Finally, Marat must to kill a man in order to be relieved of his financial obligations.

TRK GALA TV, 9 reels, Color
Directed and Script by Satibaldi Narimbetov
Photography Director-Rafkhat Ibragimov
Art Director- Umirzak Shmanov
Cast: Alexander Pankratov-Cherni, Doskhan Zholzhaksinov, Natalie Groven
It’s a lyric comedy about two friends deciding to make money by performing an old Kazakh tradition, kidnapping a bride. For this purpose they find an old plain. The plain gets hijacked by terrorists and the situation becomes complicated.

1997 (aka Rustem’s dairy with drawings  )
Ard-film, 75 minutes, color.
Directed by Ardak Amirkulov
Script by Erzhan Rustembyekov and Nariman Turebayev
Photography Director: Renat Kusayev and Nariman Turebayev
Art Director Larisa Reshetova and Gaziz Tleulin
Cast: Erzhan Rustembyekov
A film about youth is made by youth. This is story of love without love. There is discussion about morality  without nagging about morality. It’s a chronic of the end of 90’s.

Landing Force
Kino, 10 reels, color.
Directed by Layla Aranisheva
Script by Alexander Baranov
Photography Director- Valeri Milgaut
Cast: Alexey Serebryakov, Nurlan Uteshev

Psychological drama.
A young man from a wealthy family must serve in a landing force on the Tadjik-Afghan border during a war. The sheltered boy makes friends and loses them in a military action, and becomes a man in the process.

The Execution After the Death
Kazakhfilm, 8 reels, Color
Directed by Talgat Temenov
Script by Nikita Jelkibayev
Photography Director- Fyodor Aranishev
Music by M. Begaliyev
Art Director- L. Trakhtinberg
A young writer goes for an unusual psychological experiment. He temporarily  replaces a prisoner of  the death sentence   to learn what he feels. Accidentally, the administration of the jail is changed. The experimental  death sentence turns into the reality.

Sorcerer's Dolls
Ulkiza, 8 reels, color.
Directed by Serik Raibayev and Asya Suleyeva
Script by Serik Raibayev
Photography Director Bolat Suleev
Cast: Dimash Akhimov, Raikhan Aitkhozhanova, Baiten Omarov, Farkhat Ibragimov, Askar Akhmetov
Modern fairy tale.
An enchanted being, Apitok, appears in a boarding school. Although he looks like an ordinary boy, long ago he was bewitched by an evil sorcerer for his misbehavior. Apitok brings his magic to the routine of the children's life in the boarding-school.

Three Brothers
East-Cinema Production and NPC, 8reels, Color
Directed by Serik Aprimov
Script by Serik Aprimov and Meirman Karbozov
Art Director- Sabit Kurmanbyekov
Music by Manas Karakulov
Cast: Aibar Temenov, Shakir Vilyamov, Yura Dankov, Baurzhan Syetbayev, Bakhtiyar Kuatbayev

A little village is located nearly of a military airbase and a “cemetery” of old locomotives. One of the main characters, an old man is charge of transporting the locomotives to a bank of a beautiful lake where the locomotives have to be training targets for the airplanes. The roomers of the beauty of the lake come to a few boys. Obsessed with the idea to see the lake the boys decide to transport an old locomotive to the destination by themselves.

Uncle, I Will Kill You!
Kadam, 90 minutes, Color
Directed and Script by Damir Manabayev
Photography Director- Marat Tokhtibakiyev
Art Director- Murat Beysenbayev
Music by Adil Bestibayev
Cast: Asanali Ashimov, Aldabergen Shapdibayev, Dauren Sharipbay

One boy on the funeral of his father meets an uncle, the father’s brother. The uncle is just released from prison, he is an alcoholic and unemployed.  Soon, the boy finds out that the uncle is his biological father who left him and his mother long time ago. The “new daddy“ terrorizes the boy’s mother and the boy unable to stop emotions kills the uncle.

The True Story of Angels
ABA, NPC, 9 reels, Color
Directed by Abay Karpikov
Script by  Layla Akhinzhanova and Abay Karpikov
Photography Director-Alexey Berkovich
Art Director- Alexander Rorokin
Cast: Kristina Orbakaite, Farkhad Abdraimov, Bopesh Zhandayev, Sagi Ashimov, Kamilla Nurkeyeva, Dauren Sarsekeyev, Alexander Alexandrov

It’s a hymn to Almaty, a poem to friendship and love, and a story of gangsters and bankers who long time ago grew up on the same street and now became rich and successful. They appreciate their relationships but they do not refuse the power of money. They spend their money in order to make a fair-tale be possible and return angels on the earth.


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