08 мая 2006 Kyrgyz author Aitmatov seeks cooperation in literary field

Famous Kyrgyz author Chingiz Aitmatov said that Turkish and Kyrgyz literary works should be compiled as a book and included in school curricula to preserve the Turkish language.

Having been honored with the Turkish Language Award for his contributions to Turkish culture, Aitmatov told the Anatolia news agency that he depicted the themes of love, friendship, afflictions and bravery in war as well as the loyalty of Kyrgyz youth to their traditions in his books.

Noting that his works have been translated into "over 150 languages," he said among his more famous works were “Cemile,” “Face to Face," the classic Turkish film "Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım" (The Girl with the Red Scarf), “Sultan Murad” and “The White Ship,” most of which were translated into Turkish.

Aitmatov said the Turkish language had a significant place in his life and that language has so far played an important role in the diplomatic and economic successes of Turkish communities throughout history.

“Language is a blessing given to us by God. The value and importance given to the Turkish language indicates the value and importance one gives to himself as a Turk,” he said.

He said he valued Turkish language as it reflected a synthesis of East and West, adding that a series of promotional activities should be carried out in order to make Turkish more of an international language.

“Our common literary works should be compiled as a book and be read as part of the curriculum of schools. For this, serious research should be conducted. Yet, studies remain at the individual level, and both countries are trying to manage this on their own. This is inefficient. There should be cooperation and coordination between Central Asian countries,” he said.

Stating that languages were affected by globalization, Aitmatov said he had come to Turkey for the first time in 1975 to promote one of his translated books.

“It is very satisfying for my books to be translated into Turkish. Most of my books have reached their 50th printings here. I have just finished my latest novel, ‘Sardine Girl.' It will be translated into Turkish as well. This novel is about today and depicts the impact of globalization on humanity. I believe it will be greatly appreciated by readers.”

“I follow Turkish literature closely. I know author Yaşar Kemal and read his novels,” he added. Turkish Daily News reports.


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