Russian and Ex-Soviet Union directors: 1,666
Update as of 30 November 1998
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MOSCOW (588)

Abdrashitov, Vadim, b. 1945
(selected) Report from the Asphalt (s) (1973), Stop Potapov! (s) (1974), A Word for the Defence (f) (1976), The Turning Point (f) (1978), Fox Hunt (f) (1980), A Train Has Stopped (f) (1982), Parade of the Planets (f) (1984), Plumbum, or Dangerous Game (f) (1986), The Servant (f) (1989), Armavir (f) (1991), The Play for a Passenger (f) (1994), Time of the Dancer (f) (1997).

Aldashin, Mikhail, b.
(selected) Nativity (a) (1996).

Alexeyev, Alexander, b.
Prince Serebryany and the Captive Varvara (a) (1911).

Afanasiev, Sergei, b.
(selected) The Bitch (f) (1992).

Afonin, Vyacheslav, b.
(selected) The Quiet Angel Flew … (s) (1995).

Agranenko, Zakhar, 1912-1960
(selected) Immortal Garrison (f) (1956), with Edward Tissé.

Akhadov, Valery, b. 1945
(selected) Guardsmen, Forward! (f,tv) (1971), Gayurov’s Family Affairs (f,tv) (1976), Who Will Go to Truskavec? (f,tv) (1976), April Dreams (f,tv) (1980), Family Secrets (f) (1983), The Additional Train Is Arriving on Track 2 (f) (1985), A Lame Dervish (f) (USSR/Hungary), with Y. Kis, The Glance (f) (1989), with S. Kurbanov, Ruth (f) (1989), I Promised, I’ll Leave (f) (1992), Personal Life of the Queen (f) (1993).

Aleinikov, Gleb, b. 1966
(selected) M.E. (s) (1986), with Igor Aleinikov, Tractors (s) (1987), with Igor Aleinikov, I’m Frigid, But It Doesn’t Matter (s) (1987), with Igor Aleinikov, The Severe Illness of Men (s) (1987), with Igor Aleinikov, Serving-Casting (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, Boris and Gleb (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, End of a Film (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, Postpolitical Cinema (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, The Typist (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, The Terrible Mystery of “Chergida” (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, Someone Has Been Here (s) (1989), with Igor Aleinikov, Mirages (v) (1989), with Igor Aleinikov, De Bill’s Expectation (s) (1990), with Igor Aleinikov, Aquarium Fish of the World (s) (1990), with Igor Aleinikov, Tractor Drivers II (f) (1992), with Igor Aleinikov, He (s,v) (1995).

Aleinikov, Igor, 1962-94
(selected) M.E. (s) (1986), with Gleb Aleinikov, Tractors (s) (1987), with Gleb Aleinikov, I’m Frigid, But It Doesn’t Matter (s) (1987), with Gleb Aleinikov, The Severe Illness of Men (s) (1987), with Gleb Aleinikov, Serving-Casting (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, Boris and Gleb (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, End of a Film (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, Postpolitical Cinema (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, The Typist (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, The Terrible Mystery of “Chergida” (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, Someone Has Been Here (s) (1989), with Gleb Aleinikov, Mirages (v) (1989), with Gleb Aleinikov, De Bill’s Expectation (s) (1990), with Gleb Aleinikov, Aquarium Fish of the World (s) (1990), with Gleb Aleinikov, Tractor Drivers II (f) (1992), with Gleb Aleinikov.

Alenikov, Vladimir, b.
(selected) A Stevedore and a King (f) (1989), Pheophania Painting the Death (f) (Russia/USA, 1992).

Alexandrov, Grigory, 1903-1983
(selected) Sentimental Romance (s) (France, 1930), with Sergei Eisenstein, The International (d) (1933), The First of May (d) (1938), Jolly Fellows (f) (1934), Circus (f) (1936), Report by Comrade Stalin (d) (1937), Volga-Volga (f) (1938), The Bright Path, or Tanya (s) (1940), linking episode in Fighting Film Album No. 4 (f) (1941), One Family (f) (1943, unreleased), with Rza Abbaskuli-Tahmasib and Mikhail Mikhailov, The Caspians (d) (1944), Spring (f) (1947), Meeting on the Elba (f) (1949), The Composer Glinka, or Man of Music (f) (1952), The Great Farewell (d) (1953/94), with Mikhail Chiaureli, Sergei Gerasimov, and Ilya Kopalin, Man to Man (f) (1958), Russian Souvenir (f) (1960), Lenin in Switzerland (f) (d,tv), Skvorec and Lira (f) (1973, uncompleted), Lyubov Orlova (d) (1983), with Yelena Mikhailova.

Alexeyev, Alexei, b.
(selected) The Pilot Brothers Are Shooting a Clip for MTV (a) (1995), with Igor Veymtagin.

Alov, Alexander, 1923-1983
(selected) Fires over Dnieper (f) (1952, uncompleted), Restless Youth (f) (1954), with Vladimir Naumov, Pavel Korchagin (f) (1956), with Vladimir Naumov, The Wind (f) (1958), with Vladimir Naumov, Peace to the Newcomer, or Peace to Him Who Enters (f) (1961), with Vladimir Naumov, The Coin (f,tv) (1963), with Vladimir Naumov, A Bad Joke (f) (1965/87), with Vladimir Naumov, The Flight (f) (1970), with Vladimir Naumov, Legend of Till Eulenspiegel (f) (1976), with Vladimir Naumov, Teheran ‘43 (f) (USSR/France/Switzerland, 1980), with Vladimir Naumov, The Shore (f) (1984), with Vladimir Naumov.

Aminova, Yelena, b.
(selected) The Funeral on the First Floor (f) (1991), with Alexander Stashkov.

Andriyevsky, Alexander, 1899-19??
(selected) Robinson Crusoe (f) (1946).

Andronnikov, Andrei, b.
(selected) The Rat’s Corner (f) (1992).

Animova, Yelena, b.
(selected) The Funeral on the First Floor (f) (1991), with Alexander Stashkov.

Annensky, Isidor, b.
(selected) Elusive John (s,f) (1942), with Vladimir Petrov, Anna around the Neck (f) (1954).

Anofriev, Oleg, b.
(selected) To Fall in Love (f) (1992).

Antipenko, Alexander, b. 1938
(selected) Clapperboard + Synex (s) (1997).

Antonova, Tamara, b.
(selected) Scandal in Our Kloshgorod Town (f) (1993), with Tatyana Antonova.

Antonova, Tatyana, b.
(selected) Scandal in Our Kloshgorod Town (f) (1993), with Tamara Antonova.

Antonyevsky, Petr, b.
(selected) Saviour (f) (1998).

Ardrashnikov, Naum, b.
(selected) Moscow Beauties (f) (1991).

Arkartov, Alexander, b.
(selected) God of Vengeance (s) (1912), Sorrows of Sarah (s) (1913), The Bloody East (f) (1915).

Aron, Efim, b.
(selected) Songs of Abai (f) (1945), with Grigory Roshal.

Arsenov, Pavel, b. 1940
(selected) Sunflower (s) (1963), Lelka (s) episode in The Awakening (f) (1967), Rescue a Drowning Man (f) (1968), King Deer (f) (1970), The Wizard of Oz (f) (1989).

Artukhov, Konstantin, b.
(selected) Ekaterina Nelidova (s,d) (1996).

Askoldov, Alexander, b. 1937
(selected) Commissar (f) (1967/87).

Averbakh, Yevgeny, b.
(selected) Monologue (f) (1973).

Avetikov, Mikhail, b.
(selected) Savoy (f) (1990?).

Ayzenberg, Mark, b.
(selected) Bolotnaya Street, or Means against Sex (f) (Russia/Ukraine, 1991), Russian Business (f) (1993), with Mikhail Kokshenov.

Babak, Marina, b. 1939
(selected) There Is No Foreign Country (d) (1972), with Konstantin Simonov, The Path of the Soldier (d) (1975), with Marina Babak, More Light! (d) (1987).

Babushkin, Georgy, b.
(selected) Mezzo-Soprano from the Bolshoi (d) (1992), Soprano from the Bolshoi (d) (1993), Tenor from the Bolshoi (d) (1993), Stars of the Bolshoi Opera in Concert at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory (d) (1993).

Baranov, Sergei, b. 1952
(selected) The Story of Mother Frosya of the Diveyey Nunnery (d) (1989), The Island AIDS (d) (1990).

Barayev, Oleg, b.
(selected) Scorpio’s Poison (f) (1991), with Vladimir Panzhev.

Barnet, Boris, 1902-1965
(selected) Miss Mend (f) (1926), with Fyodor Ocep, Girl with a Hat Box, or When Moscow Laughs (f) (1927), Moscow in October (f) (1927, partially lost), The House on Trubnaya Street (f) (1928, partially lost), Weighty Matters, or Live Affairs (s) (1930, lost), Production of Musical Instruments (s) (1930, lost), Thaw (f) (1931), Outskirts, or Patriots (f) (1933), By the Bluest of Seas (f) (1935), A Night in December (f) (1939), The Old Jockey, or The Old Horseman (f) (1940/59), Manhood (s) episode in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 3 (f) (1941), A Priceless Head (s) episode in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 10 (f) (1942), The Novgorodians, or Men of Novgorod (f) (1942, unreleased), One Night, or Dark Is the Night (f) (1944), Secret Agent, or The Scout’s Exploit (f) (1947), Pages of a Life (f) (1948), Bountiful Summer (f) (1950), Ukrainian Stars on the Stage, or Concert of the Masters of Ukrainian Art (d) (1952), Lyana (f) (1955), The Poet (f) (1956), The Wrestler and the Crown (f) (1957), with Konstantin Yudin, Annushka (f) (1959), Alenka (f) (1961), Whistle Stop (f) (1963).

Barshchevsky, Dmitry, b. 1945
(selected) Risk (d) (1987), Risk-II (d) (1988).

Bartenev, Sergei, b.
(selected) Twenty-Two Misfortunes (f,lost) (1930), with Sergei Gerasimov.

Basov, Alexander, b.
(selected) My Poor Pierro (s) (1994).

Basov, Vladimir, b. 1923
(selected) School of Courage (f) (1954), Defeat of the Emirate (f) (1955), with Latif Fajziev, Extraordinary Summer (f) (1956), First Joys (f) (1957), Battle on the March (f) (1961), Silence (f) (1964).

Basov, Vladimir, b. 1959
(selected) Bus (s) (1991), Apple (s) (1992), Friend (s) (1992), Abyss (f) (1994), The Lonely Gambler (f) (1995).

Bauer, Yevgeny, 18??-19??
(selected) Freed Bird (f) (1914), Child of the Big City (f) (1914), Tears (f) (1914), Life in Death (f) (1914), Song of Triumphant Love (f) (1915), Singed Wings (f) (1915), Queen of the Screen (f) (1916), A Life for a Life (f) (1916), Griffon of an Old Warrior (f) (1916), Revolutionist (f) (1917), The Alarm (f) (1917), The King of Paris (f) (1917).

Baysak, Gennady, b.
(selected) Prince Udacha Andreyevich (f) (1989), Game for Millions (f) (1991).

Beglov, Gennady, b.
(selected) The Hell, or Dossier on One Shelf (f) (1989), A Woman’s Dream (f) (1990), Mystery (f) (1992).

Belonogova, Anna, b.
(selected) Eat Breakfast Yourself (a) (1995).

Beloshnikov, Sergei, b.
(selected) The Incident (f) (198?).

Belusov, Oleg, b.
(selected) Decameron (a) (1993).

Belyayev, Vasily, b.
(selected) Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (d) (1948), with Mikhail Romm.

Beresnev, Nikolai, b.
(selected) Golden Honey (f) (1928, lost), with Vladimir Petrov.

Berzhadsky, Igor, b.
(selected) Three (s) (1998).

Bidzhiev, Khasan, b.
(selected) Cat-Solo against the Full Moon (f) (1992), with Anatoly Galiev.

Bits, Leonid, b.
(selected) Gold (f) (Russia/Italy, 1993), with Fabio Bonzi.

Blank, Boris, b. 1938
(selected) Kremlin Mysteries of the 16th Century (f) (1991), Oh., Why Is This Night? (f) (1992), I Wish I Knew… (f) (1993), Shylock (f) (1993), The Joker’s Revenge (f) (1994), The Career of Arturo Ui - A New Version (f) (1997), The Mystery of the Woman and the Beast (d) (1998).

Bobotov, Roman, b. 1968
(selected) Parents’ Day (s,d) (1996).

Bobrovsky, Anatoly, b. 1929
(selected) Mu-Mu (f) (1959), A Shot in the Mist (f) (1963), A Man without a Passport (f) (1965), Exodus (f) (1967), Return of the “St. Lucas” (f) (1970), Nyurka’s Life (f) (1971), Black Prince (f) (1973), Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce (f) (1976), There Are No Distinctive Marks (f) (1978), The Crush of the “Terror” Operation (f) (1980), Three Men on a Highway (f) (1983), Face to Face (f) (1986), You Don’t Like Our Power, Do You? (f) (1989), Do Not Wake a Sleeping Dog (f) (1991).

Bodrov, Sergei, b. 1948
(selected) The Voices of War (s) (1974), Sweet Dreams in the Grass (f) (1984), with Amanbek Alpiyev, Non-Professionals (f) (1985), I Hate You (f,tv) (1986), S.E.R., or Freedom Is Paradise (f) (1989), Card Shark (f) (1990), The Man on Red Square (f,tv), White King, Red Queen, or Russians (f) (Russia/France/Switzerland, 1992), I Wanted to See Angels (f) (Russia/USA, 1992), Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Prisoner of the Mountains (f) (Russia/Kazakhstan, 1996).

Bogachyov, Vyacheslav, b.
(selected) Dark Alleys (f) (1991).

Bogin, Mikhail, b. 1936
(selected) Ten Seconds in an Hour (d) (1965), Two, or The Couple (s) (1965), Sozya, or Zosia (f) (1967), About Love (f) (1971), In Search of a Person (s) (1973), A Private Life (s) (USA, 1980).

Bogolyubov, A., b.
(selected) Battalions Are Asking for Fire (f,tv) (1985), with Vladimir Cherbotarev.

Bondarchuk, Natalya, b. 1950
(selected) Lord, Hear My Prayer (f) (1991).

Bondarchuk, Sergei, 1920-1995
(selected) Destiny of a Man (f) (1959), War and Peace (f) (1964-67), Waterloo (f) (Italy/USSR, 1970), They Fought for Their Motherland (f) (1974), The Steppe (f) (1977), Red Bells (f) (1981-82), Boris Godunov (f) (1986), And Gently Flows the Don (f) (1993, uncompleted).

Bondarev, Oleg, b. 1939
(selected) Stepmother (f) (1972), Youth with Us (f) (1978), Wild Hop (f) (1985), Svetik (f) (1989), Your Entree, Girls! (f) (1992).

Boretsky, Oleg, b.
(selected) The Day Before … (f) (Russia/Netherlands, 1991), with Alexander Negreba.

Borodyansky, Alexander, b. 1944
(selected) Dreams (f) (1993), with Karen Shakhnazarov.

Boyko, Alexander, b.
(selected) Russian Style (f) (1991), with Alexander Prosyanov.

Bozhich, Tatyana, b.
(selected) Provincials (s, d) (1996).

Bragin, Vladimir, b.
(selected) Lyumy (f) (1991).

Braun, Vladimir, 1896-1957
(selected) In Days of Peace (f) (1950), Malva (f) (1956).

Brumberg, Valentina, b. 1899
(selected) You Give a Good Lavkom (a) (1927), with Zinaida Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, The Samoyedsky Youth (a) (1928), with Zinaida Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, Spring Delivery (a) (1930), with Zinaida Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, The Car Driver (a) (1931), with Zinaida Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, Locomotive, Hurry Along (a) (1932), with Zinaida Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, A Happy Life (a) (1932), The Tale of Tsar Duranda (a) (1934), with Zinaida Brumberg and Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Dragon Fly and the Ant (a) (1935), with Zinaida Brumberg and Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Hare As Tailor (a) (1937), with Zinaida Brumberg, Little Red Riding Hood (a) (1937), with Zinaida Brumberg, Ivashko and Baba-Yaga (a) (1938), with Zinaida Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) (1938), with Zinaida Brumberg, Journal for Political Satire Nr. 2 (a) (1941), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Tale of Tsar Sultan (a) (1943), with Zinaida Brumberg, Sinbad the Sailor (a) (1944), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Lost Message (a) (1945), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Tale of the Soldiers (a) (1948), with Zinaida Brumberg, Fedya Saizev (a) (1948), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Little Miracle Bell (a) (1949), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Girl in the Circus (a) (1950), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Night before Christmas (a) (1951), with Zinaida Brumberg, Trip to the Moon (a) (1953), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Island of Errors (a) (1955), with Zinaida Brumberg, Styopa the Sailor (a) (1955), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Rescue Crew (a) (1956), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Fulfilled Wish (a) (1957), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Secret of the Faraway Island (a) (1958), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Birthday (a) (1959), with Zinaida Brumberg, I Drew the Little Man (a) (1960), with Zinaida Brumberg, Great Troubles (a) (1961), with Zinaida Brumberg, Three Fat Men (a) (1963), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Brave Little Tailor (a) (1964), with Zinaida Brumberg, An Hour until the Meeting (a) (1965), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Evil Stepmother (a) (1966), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Little Time Machine (a) (1967), with Zinaida Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) (1968), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Moody Princess (a) (1969), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Ghost of Canterville (a) (1970), with Zinaida Brumberg, Fire (a) (1971), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Magic Wand (a) (1972), with Zinaida Brumberg, Big New Troubles (a) (1973), with Zinaida Brumberg, From Bora to Sossenka (a) (1975), with Zinaida Brumberg.

Brumberg, Zinaida, b. 1900
(selected) You Give a Good Lavkom (a) (1927), with Valentina Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, The Samoyedsky Youth (a) (1928), with Valentina Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, Spring Delivery (a) (1930), with Valentina Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, The Car Driver (a) (1931), with Valentina Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, The Flea (a) (1931), Locomotive, Hurry Along (a) (1932), with Valentina Brumberg and Nilolai Chodatayev, The Tale of Tsar Duranda (a) (1934), with Valentina Brumberg and Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Dragon Fly and the Ant (a) (1935), with Valentina Brumberg and Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Hare As Tailor (a) (1937), with Valentina Brumberg, Little Red Riding Hood (a) (1937), with Valentina Brumberg, Ivashko and Baba-Yaga (a) (1938), with Valentina Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) (1938), with Valentina Brumberg, Journal for Political Satire Nr. 2 (a) (1941), with Valentina Brumberg, The Tale of Tsar Sultan (a) (1943), with Valentina Brumberg, Sinbad the Sailor (a) (1944), with Valentina Brumberg, The Lost Message (a) (1945), with Valentina Brumberg, The Tale of the Soldiers (a) (1948), with Valentina Brumberg, Fedya Saizev (a) (1948), with Valentina Brumberg, The Little Miracle Bell (a) (1949), with Valentina Brumberg, The Girl in the Circus (a) (1950), with Valentina Brumberg, The Night before Christmas (a) (1951), with Valentina Brumberg, Trip to the Moon (a) (1953), with Valentina Brumberg, The Island of Errors (a) (1955), with Valentina Brumberg, Styopa the Sailor (a) (1955), with Valentina Brumberg, The Rescue Crew (a) (1956), with Valentina Brumberg, The Fulfilled Wish (a) (1957), with Valentina Brumberg, The Secret of the Faraway Island (a) (1958), with Valentina Brumberg, The Birthday (a) (1959), with Valentina Brumberg, I Drew the Little Man (a) (1960), with Valentina Brumberg, Great Troubles (a) (1961), with Valentina Brumberg, Three Fat Men (a) (1963), with Valentina Brumberg, The Brave Little Tailor (a) (1964), with Valentina Brumberg, An Hour until the Meeting (a) (1965), with Valentina Brumberg, The Evil Stepmother (a) (1966), with Valentina Brumberg, The Little Time Machine (a) (1967), with Valentina Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) (1968), with Valentina Brumberg, The Moody Princess (a) (1969), with Valentina Brumberg, The Ghost of Canterville (a) (1970), with Valentina Brumberg, Fire (a) (1971), with Valentina Brumberg, The Magic Wand (a) (1972), with Valentina Brumberg, Big New Troubles (a) (1973), with Valentina Brumberg, From Bora to Sossenka (a) (1975), with Valentina Brumberg.

Bruneyev, Boris, b.
(selected) Way of Glory (f) (1947), with Anatoly Rybakov and Mikhail Shvejcer.

Burlayev, Nikolai, b. 1946
(selected) Lermontov (f) (1986).

Bushkin, Alexander, 1896-1929
(selected) W.C. (a) 1924), Soviet Toy (a) 1924), Humoresque (a) 1924), The Second International in the Trap (a) 1924), German Business and Little Business (a) 1924), The Story of a Disappointment (a) 1924), That’s What We’re Dreaming About (a) 1924), Incident in Tokyo (a) 1924), The Secret Ring, or The Fatal Secret (a) 1924), MacDonald’s Career (a) 1925), Durman Demyana (a) 1925), What Workers and Peasants in the USSR Must Know (a) 1928).

Bushmelev, Boris, b. 1937
(selected) Sufferings of Young Gerkulesov (s) (1972), Zudov, Are You Fired! (f) (1983), Our American Borya (f) (1992).

Bykov, Rolan, b. 1929
(selected) Seven Nursemaids (f) (1962), The Lost Summer (f) (1963), with Nikita Orlov, Dr. Aibolit , ’66 (f) (1966), Take Care of the Turtle (f) (1970), The Telegram (f) (1973), A Car, a Violin and the Dog “Ink-Spot” (f,tv) (1977), The Nose (f,tv) (1977), The Wedding Present (f) (1982), with Rezo Esadze and Alexander Igishev, Weirdo (f) (1983).

Chaikovsky, Boris, b.
(selected) A Living Corpse (s) (1911), with Konstantin Kuznetsov, Ward No. 6 (s) (1912).

Chardynin, Pyotr, b.
(selected) Queen of Spades (s) (1910), The Kreutzer Sonata (s) (1911), Workers’ Quarters (s) (1912), Woman of Tomorrow (s) (1914), Chrysanthemums (f) (1914) Natasha Rostova (f) (1915), Flood (f) (1915), The Venetian Stocking (f) (1915), Love of a State Councillor (f) (1915).

Chargonin, Alexander, b.
(selected) Sonka the Golden Hand (f,serial) (1914), with Vladimir Kasyanov and Y. Yurevsky.

Cherbotarev, V., b. 1907
(selected) The Amphibious Man (f) (1961), with A. Kazansky.

Cherbotarev, Vladimir, b. 1921
(selected) Alarming Flight (f) (1983), Battalions Are Asking for Fire (f,tv) (1985), with A. Bogolyubov, Unknown Pages from the Life of a Secret Agent (f) (1990), Why Does an Honest Man Need an Alibi? (f) (1993).

Cherenkov, Yury, b.
(selected) The Grand Migration (a) (Russian/France, 1995).

Cherkasova, Miliana, b.
(selected) The Golden Mist (f) (1993).

Cherkasova, Oksana, b.
(selected) Kuth and Mice (a) (1986), Wingless Gosling (a) (1988), An Affair of the Past (a) (1990), The Cookoo’s Nephew (a) (1993), Nyura’s Bath (a) (1995).

Cherkes, Daniil, 1899-19??
(selected) Senka the African (a) (1927), with Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Yury Merkulov, Münchhausen’s Adventures (a) (1929), Agitki on May First (a) (1929), The Bookshelf (a) (1929), Cooperation on the Rails (a) (1930).

Chervyakov, Yevgeny, b.
(selected) Aristocrats (f) (1936?), The Poet and the Tsar (f) (1938?), Cities and Years (f) (1939?).

Chikov, Valery. b.
(selected) Red Wagon Train (f) (1989), Russian Roulette (f) (1990), About the Businessman Phoma (f) (1993), Don’t Pull My Legs (f) (1997).

Chivikova, Tatyana, b.
(selected) A Strict Sensory Deprivation (s) (1979), Oh (s) (1980), Just Light (s) (1986), Moskovskaya (s) (1988), The Fruits of Desire (s) (1988), But They Didn’t Understand What He Said (s) (1989), Perlimplin (f) (1991).

Chubakova, Tatyana, b.
(selected) Return (d) (1987).

Chukhrai, Grigory, b. 1921
(selected) Nazar Stodolya (f) (1954), with Viktor Ivchenko, The Forty-First (f) 1956), Ballad of a Soldier (f) (1959), Clear Skies (f) (1961), There Lived an Old Man and an Old Woman (f) (1964), Memory (d) (1970), An Untypical Story (1977), Life Is Wonderful (f) (USSR/Italy, 1980), I Shall Teach You Daydreaming (f) (1984), with Yury Shvyrev.

Chukhrai, Pavel, b. 1946
(selected) Freedom to Those Who Are Free (s) (1974), Do Remember Sometimes (f) (1978), People in the Ocean (f) (1980), Canary Cage (f) (1983), Zina-Zinulya (f) (1985), Remember Me As I Am (f) (1988), The Key (f) (Russia/France, 1992), The Thief (f) (Russia/France, 1996).

Chulyukin, Yury, b.
(selected) The Girls (f) (1962).

Curcumiya, Roman, b.
(selected) Waiter with a Golden Tray (f) (1992).

Cyplakova, Yelena, b.
(selected) Mr. Running Away (s) (1988), The Reed Paradise (f) (1991), I Place My Trust in You (f) (Russia/Byelorussia, 1992).

Danelia, Georgy, b. 1930
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Danelia, Nikolai, 1959-1985
(selected) Hey, Semyonov! (s) (1985).

Danelia-Yurkova, Galina, b.
(selected) The Frenchman (f) (1990), Creature of God, or Cherchez la Femme (f) (1991).

Danilevich, Vladimir, b.
(selected) Meeting in the Fall (a) (1993), with Ekaterina Mikhailova.

Danilov, Lev, b.
(selected) The Disciplinarians (d) (1990).

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Demin, Alexei, b.
(selected) Attraction (a) (1995).

Derevyansky, Semyon, b.
(selected) Mordva Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (d) (1951), with Yosif Heifitz.

Dobrovolsky, Andrei, b. 1950
(selected) Our Battalion Commander (f) (1985), The Ford (f) (1988), with G. Dultsev, Sphinx (f) (1990), Presence (f) (1992).

Docenko, Viktor, b.
(selected) Destroy at Thirty! (f) (Russia/Syria, 1992).

Dolin, Boris, b. 1903
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Doller, Mikhail, b.
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(selected) The Matchmaker (1993), Flying Far Away (1995), Cinema Address: Krasnogorsk (1996).

Dorman, Venyamin, b.
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Dostal, Nikolai, b. 1946
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Drankov, Alexander, b.
(selected) Boris Godunov (s, fragment) (1907), Stenka Razin (s) (1908).

Druginina, Svetlana, b. 1936
(selected) Smile (f) (1969), with V. Popov, The Sun, Once More the Sun (f) (1976), Dulcinea de Tobosso (f, tv) (1980), Midshipmen, Forward! (f) (1988), Vivat, Midshipmen (f) (1990), The Midshipmen III (f) (Russia/Germany, 1992).

Dulerain, Alexander, b.
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Dunayev, V., b.
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Dvoretsky, A., b.
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Dyachenko, Vladimir, b.
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Dykhovichny, Ivan, b. 1947
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(selected) Two in the Steppe (f) (1962), Thursdays Never Again (f) (1976).

Ehydlin, Leonid, b.
(selected) Woman in the Window (f) (1993).

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Ekk, Nikolai, 1902-19??
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Eyramdgan, Anatoly, b.
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Eysimont, Viktor, b 1904
(selected) Varyag, or Cruiser Varyag (f) (1946).

Filimonov, Pavel, b. 1947
(selected) Philosophy in Cobweb (s) (1994).

Filipova, Svetlana, b.
(selected) Noch Prishla (a) (1998).

Fleurova, Marian, b.
(selected) Geooorganzz... (a,v) (1994).

Foliyantz, Karineh, b.
(selected) Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle (f) (1994).

Fomin, Nikolai, b.
(selected) Charming Newcomers (f) (1991), Russian Brothers (f) (1991).

Fomina, Zoya, b.
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Frez, Ilya, b. 1909
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Fridberg, Isaak, b. 1947
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Fyedorov, V., b.
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Gabay, Hendrikh, b.
(selected) Lebedev vs Lebedev (f) (1966).

Gayday, Leonid, 1923-1993
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Gakhokiya, Georgy, b.
(selected) An Extremely Dangerous Criminal Is Wanted (f) (1992).

Galiev, Anatoly, b.
(selected) Cat-Solo against the Full Moon (f) (1992), with Khasan Bidzhiev.

Galin, Alexander, b.
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Galkin, Boris, b.
(selected) June 22, at 4 a.m. Accurately (f) (1992), Remember, the Smell of Lilacs (f) (1992), The Game (f) (1992), The Black Clown (f) (1994).

Gardin, Vladimir, b.
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Gavronsky, Alexander, b.
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Gavrilko, Yelena, b.
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Gavrilov, Eduard, b. 1934
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Gavrilov, Hendrikh, b.
(selected) The Confession (f) (1988?).

Gazarov, Sergei, b.
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Gelein, Alexei, b. 1964
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Gems, Vadim, b.
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Geyko, Nikolai, b.
(selected) Memento Mori (f) (1991).

Gilchuk, Nelya, b.
(selected) Mamanty-Papanty, Shaggy Show (f,a) (1991).

Ginzburg, Alexander, b.
(selected) The Rich Man and the Rustic (f) (1953), with Latif Fajziev.

Ginzburg, Yevgeny, b.
(selected) Simple Hearted (f) (1994).

Glagolin, Boris, b.
(selected) The Coward (f) (1914), with R. Ungern, Daugther of Albion and Illegal (f) (1914), In the Claws of a Professor-Speculator (f) (1915).

Gobashiev, Amurbek, b.
(selected) Ticket for the Red Theatre, or The Death of the Grave-Digger (f) (1992).

Goldman, Yosif, b.
(selected) Red Square (d) (1992), What People Drink in Russia (d) (1992), To Stalin with Love (d) (1992), A Nation of Dreamers (d) (1992), The Legendary Russian Ballet (d) (1993), The Tretyakov Gallery (d) (1993).

Goldovskaya, Marina, b. 1941
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Golovnya, L., b.
(selected) Alone (s?) (1966), with Alexander Surin.

Golovnya, Yevgenia, b.
(selected) A Day, or The Summer Has Begun (d) (1974), The Saying about Ivan (d) (1975), Fashion - Pro and Contra (d) (1982), Etude for Domino on Piano (d) (1982), Holidays in Moscow (d) (1985), Limita, or The Fourth Dream (d) (1988).

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Gorlenko, Alexander, b.
(selected) The Old Stair (a) (1995).

Gorodny, Gennady, b. 1957
(selected) Dance Named after F.E. Dzerjinsky (d) (1991), The Bridge (d) (1992), To Carry into Effect, or To Be Fulfilled (d) (1993),The Cross (d) (1994), In the Shadow of the Eco-Bomb (d) (1994), Pictures from the Exhibition (d) (1995), Two-Act Story (d) (1994), Dragon’s Prison (d) (1996), I Made a Monument of Me for Me (d) (1996), Moscow Nocture (d) (1998).

Gorshanov, Alexander, b. 1967
(selected) A Cup of Coffee (s) (1993), A Cup of Coffee Drunk to the Sound of a Trolley (s) (1993), Alice (s) (1996), The Yearning Heifer (s) (1997).

Gostev, Igor, 1925-1994
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Granatov, A., b.
(selected) My Neighbor (f) (1991).

Granik, Maxim, b.
(selected) “Common” Carriage (s,f) (1995).

Grigoriev, Roman, b. 1911
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Grigorovich, Yury, b.
(selected) The Devil’s Dance (f) (1992).

Grimov, Yury, b. 1965
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Gubenko, Nikolai, b. 1941
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Gurin, Ilya, b. 1922
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Gurov, Sergei, b.
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Gurtso, Sergei, b. 1947
(selected) Rubber Woman (f) (1991), Cockatoo (f) (1993).

Gusarov, Nikolai, b. 1940
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Gutman, Alexander, b. 1945
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Hendelstein, Albert, b.
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Hubov, Nikita, b.
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I, Andrei, b. 1959
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Irgashev, O., b.
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Iskin, Alexander, b.
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Ivanov, Alexander, 1899-1959
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Ivanov, Gennady, b. 1936
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Ivanov-Gai, A., b.
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Ivanov-Vano, Ivan, b. 1900
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Popov, Ivan, b. 1960
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Popov, Maxim, b. 1975
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Porokhovshchikov, Alexander, b.
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Pravov, Ivan, b.
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Preobrazhenskaya, Olga, b.
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Pronin, Vasily, b. 1905
(selected) Sultanat (f) (1955).

Pronin, Yury, b. 1964
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Razbezhkina, Marina, b.
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Rebrov, Vyacheslav, b. 1945
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Rudakov, Alexei, b. 1955
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Ryabchev, Vladimir, b.
(selected) Victim (f) (1990), He’ll Receive (f) (1992).

Ryapolov, Nikolai, b.
(selected) And the Morning Flashed… (d) (1994).

Ryazanov, Eldar, b. 1927
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Rybakov, Anatoly, b.
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Ryzarev, Boris, b. 1930
(selected) On the Golden Front Steps Sat… (f) (1986).

Sadchikova, Marina, b.
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Sadilova, Larisa, b. 1965
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Serikov, Vasily, b.
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Sevela, Efraim, b.
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Shakhnazarov, Karen, b. 1951
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Shavlak, Igor, b.
(selected) The Great Ant Way (f) 1992).

Shchegolev, Ivan, b. 1961
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Shengelia, Georgy, b. 1960
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Shepitko, Larisa, 1938-1979
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Sheshukov, Viktor, b.
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Shilkina, Ulyana, b. 1970
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Shorina, Nina, b.
(selected) Alter Ego (a) (198?)

Shpalikov, Gennady, 1937-1974
(selected) A Long Happy Life (f) (1966/87).

Shub, Esther (Esfir), 1894-1959
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Shumkova, Nina, b.
(selected) If I Come to the Street (d) (1994).

Shukher, Oleg, b. 1954
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Shvyrev, Yury, b.
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Sidorov, Gennady, b.
(selected) State Task (f) (1995?).

Simonov, Konstantin, 1915-1979
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Skuibin, Vladimir, 1919-1962
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Slavinskaya, Maria, b.
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Slepko, Eleonora, b. 1971
(selected) Vegetarian Pastoral (a) (11997).

Smirnov, Andrei, b. 1943
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Soboleva, Nina, b.
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Sokolov, Stanislav, b.
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Solomin, Yury, b. 1935
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Solovov, Ivan, b.
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Solovyov, Sergei, b. 1944
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Veymtagin, Igor, b.
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Zolotukhin, Andrei, b.
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Zvezdakov, Yevgeny, b.
(selected) Close-Up (a) (1997).




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Names (s,d) (1996).

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Bukin, Leonid, b. 1938
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Bukovsky, Anatoly, b. 1925
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Bukovsky, Sergei, b. 1960
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Chashchyn, Denis, b. 1968
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Chekasin, Vladimir, b.
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Chernicky, Igor, b.
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Cherishova, Natalya, b. 1978
(selected) Mummy Rozochka and Minochka (a) (1993).

Chliyanz, Sergei, b. 1961
(selected) Straight On, or Along the Straight Line (f) (1993

Chorny, Oleg, b.
(selected) Sacura Blooms in My Garden (s) (1993).

Churikova, Alla, b.
(selected) E = MC 2 (a) (1997)

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Demyanenko, Yelena, b.
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Dovgalyuk, Viktor, b. 1967
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Drouz, Yana, b. 1956
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Glagolev, G., b.
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Golovanov, A., b.
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Ilyenko, Yury, b. 1936
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(selected) Who Are You? (s) (198?)

Itygilov, Alexander, b.
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Ivchenko, Viktor, b. 1912
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Janchuk, Oles, b.
Famine - 33 (f) (1997).

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Kondriatieva, Marina, b. 1977
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Kirokozova, Vera, b.
(selected) Sashka’s Angel (s) (198?)

Konoplev, Valery, b. 1964
(selected) The Round Loaf (a) (1991) in Gobbly-Wobbly series.

Kornilovska, Viktoria, b.
(selected) New Word (v) episode inState Kids series (1997).

Kosavina, Olena, b. 1952
(selected) The Most Beautiful (a) (1988) episode in We Are Women series.

Kostromenko, Vadim, b.
(selected) Nocturnal Sinner (f) (1993?).

Koval, Styopa, b.
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Kovalyenko, Vladimir, b.
(selected) Pit (s) (198?).

Krainev, Vladimir, b. 1945
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Kuznerov, Sergei, b. 1960
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Kuznetsov, Vladimir, b. 1953
(selected) The Chernobyl Accident: Chronicle of the Shelter Construction (s) (1996).

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Levchuk, Timofei, b. 1912
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Lokatinsky, F., b.
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Lukov, Leonid, 1909-1963
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Lyachovechy, Mark, b. 1941
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Maschenko, Nikolai, b.
(selected) All Conquering Love (f) (1987?).

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Mateshko, Anatoly, b.
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Maximchuk, Ivan, b.
(selected) I’ll Do It Myself (f) (1995?).

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Khochegogu, Kassei, b.
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Rand, Mikk, b. 1970
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Sööt, Andres, b. 1934
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Supin, Dorian, b.
(selected) The Difficulties of Conversion (d) (1993), Dreams of Homeland (d) (1994), A Way of Death (d,v) (1994).

Talvik, Artur, b.
(selected) Russian Metal and the US $-Kiss (d,v) (1993), with Rein Kotov, Call-Girl’s Christmas (d,v) (1994), with Rein Kotov.

Tammisto, Peeter, b. 1963
(selected) Digger (s) (1994), Mission Impossible (d) (1995), The Reckoning (s) (1997).

Tender, Priit, b. 1971
(selected) Gravitation (a) (1996).

Tihalmäe, Nele, b.
(selected) Squeaky Discovers the World (a) (1993), with Alvar Jaakson, Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Lis Moonvald, Rainer Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik.

Tiidus, Rait, b.
(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik.

Tilk, Aare, b.
(selected) Come Back, Lumumba (f) (1992), Red Norman (f) (1995).

Tooming, Jaan, b. 1946
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Ulfsak, Lembit, b.
(selected) The Secret Lamb (f) (1993).

Unt, Riho, b.
(selected) Magical New Year’s Eve (p) (1984), with Hardi Volmer, Enchanted Island (p) (1985), with Hardi Volmer, Spring Fly (p) (1986), with Hardi Volmer, War (p) (1987), with Hardi Volmer, Community Center, or Cultural House (a) (1988), Geography (p) (1991), Jackpot (p) (1990), with Hardi Volmer, Twilight Romance (p) (1994), with Hardi Volmer, Cabbage Head (p) (1994), with Hardi Volmer, Cabbage Head II (p) (1995), Back to Europe (p) (1997), Primavera (p) (1998), with Hardi Volmer.

Urbla, Peeter, b. 1945
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Uusberg, Valter, b.
(selected) Winter Sleep (a) (1993).

Vasar, Aarne,b.
(selected) Country Boy and City Slicker (a) (1993).

Vilbre, René, b. 1970
(selected) One Day (s) (1993), Samuel Beckett Film (s) (1995), Family Event (s) (1997).

Vilu, Arvu, b.
(selected) The White Cheeked Goose (d) (1993), Rusty Island (d) (1994).

Virve, Tönu, b.
(selected) Dance Macabre (f) (1989), Lukas (f) (Estonia/Iceland/Denmark, 1993), The Tragedy of Johannes (f) (1994), Disintegrator (f) (1996).

Vist, Ants, b.
(selected) Estonian Air Space (d,v) (1993), Are Human Rights Being Violated in Estonia? (D,v) (1993)..

Volmer, Hardi, b. 1957
(selected) Magical New Year’s Eve (p) (1984), with Riho Unt, Enchanted Island (p) (1985), with Riho Unt, Spring Fly (p) (1986), with Riho Unt, War (p) (1987), with Riho Unt, To Each His Own (s,f) (1990), Work and Activities (p) (1988), Jackpot (p) (1990), Incipit Vita Nova (p) (1992), Twilight Romance (p) (1994), with Riho Unt, Cabbage Head (p) (1994), with Riho Unt, Firewater (f) (1995), All My Lenins (f) (Estonia/Finland, 1997), Somebody Else (p) (1997), with Mait Laas, Primavera (p) (1998), with Riho Unt.



Armands, P., b.
(selected) Devil’s Dozen (f?) (1961).

Apsitis, Andrejs, b. 1946
(selected) All Works Are Good (d) (1977), The Culture of the Latvian People in the Late 19th Century (d) (1977), Behind the Trees - Forest (d) (1977), A Palace in the Inheritance (d) (1979), The Fairy Tale about the Rusty Knight (d) (1980), With a Clear Mind (d) (1981), To Gain Time (d) (1982), The 1905-1907 Revolution in Latvia - Fair (d) (1983), Reflections (d) (1984), Fridrihs Canders (d) (1985), Three Voldemars, or Human Factors (d) (1986), Fridrihs Canders - the Return (d) (1987), Tnational Poet Rainis (d) (1987), Aleksandrs Chaks (d) (1988), The Orange Angel (d) (1989), Esplanade (d) (1990), The Day before Independence (d)(1990).

Baumane, Signe, b. 1964
(selected) The Witch and the Cow (a) (1991), Tiny Shoes (a)(1993), The Tiger’s Gold (a) (1995).

Beinerte, Vija, b.
(selected) Because of Crazy Pauline (s) (1979), Aizmirstas Lietas (s?) (1982), Apsstaklu Sakritiba (s?) (1989).

Berzins, Ansis, b. 1940
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Binde, Gunars, b. 1933
(selected) Hello, Moscow! (d) (1966), The Hands (d) (1967), The Salute (d) (1975),

Biörsmark, Carl, b. 1967
(selected) Lenin Carousel (d) (1995), The Island Where the Wind Was Born (d) (1996), The Whistlers (d) (1996), Nozekina Stunda (d) (1997), Checking Out (s) (1997), Woland In Black (d) (1997).

Birkova, Signe, b.
(selected) Latvia beyond Belief (d,v) (1998).

Biseniece, Arta, b. 1969
(selected) Bad Day (s) in omnibus film Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), with Aija Bleja, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve, The Commune (d) (1998), with Janis Eglitis.

Bleja, Aija, b. 1967
(selected) Vernera Ciesanas (s) (1996), Blurp (s) (1997), Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve.

Brasla, Varis, b. 1939
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Brauns, Uldis, b. 1932
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Brence, Maija, b. 1941
(selected) Two (a) (1991).

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Briade, Kristine, b.
(selected) KrisTapaTapa (s,v) (1999?).

Brils, Imants, b.
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Bruvere, Ilona, b. 1954
(selected) Duo (d) (1991).

Burovs, Arnold, b. 1915
(selected) The Chicken (p) (1966), SOS (p) (1966), Pigmalion (p) (1967), The Tiger Miau-Miau (p) (1967), Wonderful Dauka (p) (1968), Flowers from Ansis (p) (1968), Bum and Piramidon (p) (1969), The Tale of the Copper Coin (p) (1969), Confusion (p) (1970), Kaleidoscope 71 (p) (1971), The Little Red Slippers (p) (1971), The Clay Horn (p) (1972), The Stolen Poodle (p) (1972), The Little Apple Tree (p) (1973), The Present from Africa (p) (1976), UmurKumor (p) (1977), The Little Apple Tree (p?) (1981), Game with Life (p) (1991), Bimini (a,f) (1991).

Cane, Renate, b. 1957
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Celma, Una, b. 1960
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Cilinska, Antra, b. 1963
(selected) Is It Easy to Be …? After Ten Years (d,v) (1997).

Cilinskis, Gunars, b.
(selected) The Lake Sonata (f) (1976), with Varis Brasla, Night without Birds (f) (1979), Agra Rusa (f) (1980), Fear (f) (1986), Indrani (f) (1991).

Cimermanis, Janis, b. 1950
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Cinkuss, Roberts, b. 1963
(selected) An Unsuccessful Contact (a) (1991).

Dunkers, Olgeris., b.
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Eglite, Brigita, b.
(selected) The Things (d) (1998).

Eglitis, Janis, b.
(selected) The Commune (d) (1998), with Arta Biseniece.

Ekis, Andrejs, b.
(selected) Voyage to Tukums (f) (1993).

Elcers, Haralds, b.
(selected) Mati Emiliuss’s Unreasonable Manifesto (s) (1985).

Epners, Ansis, b.
(selected) The Lively (d) (1970), Riga in Stone and Bronze (d) (1971), Night Flight (d) (1971), Holiday (d) (1972), Topping-Out Ceremony (d) (1972), Centaur (d) (1973), Confession (d) (1973), Male Game (d) (1974), Sign of Fire (d) (1974), Healing Autumn (d) (1975), Fourfold (d) (1975), Roberts Eihe (d) (1976), Maija Tabaca (d) (1976), with Hercs Franks, The Kaudzites Brothers (d) (1976), Little House on Wheels (d) (1977), Sergei Eisenstein: Prologue (d) (1978), Sergei Eisenstein: Postscript (d) (1978), Four in Search of a Million (d) (1979), Mihails Tals, 20 Years Ago (d) (1980), The Lielvarde Belt (d) (1980), The Inspection (d) (1980), Emils Darzins (d) (1981), Krustsolis (d) (1981), Latvia - My Home (d) (1983), Blood Corpuscle (d) (1983), Echo (d) (1983), Letters to a Woman (d) (1984), Onwards! (d) (1984), Monuments (d) (1984), Conductors (d) (1985), Rerik’s World Flag (d) (1986), Games of Goodwill (d) (1986), Varti (d) (1988), January Requiem (d) (1991), The Cage (f) (1993), Playing with the Stones (d) (1997).

Franks, Hercs (Herz Frank), b. 1926
(selected) You and I (d) (1963), Bread and Salt (d) (1964), The Judgment (d) (1965), No Legends (d) (1965), Without a Title (d) (1968), Way to the Neighbor (d) (1969), The Fourth Chairwoman (d) (1969), Judge (d) (1970), Payday (d) (1971), A Lifetime, or Trace of a Soul (d) (1972), Centaur (d) (1973), The Joy of Being (d) (1974), Diagnosis (d) (1975), Forbidden Zone (d) (1975), Maija Tabaca (d) (1976), with Ansis Epners, Her Ticket (d) (1976), The Grey Guards (d) (1978), Ten Minutes Older (d) (1978), Awakening (d) (1979), Edgar Kaulin’s Last Birthday (d) (1980), Boots, Ladies Shoes, Boots (d) (1981), with Augusts Sukuts, Uzvara-100 (d) (1981), Horsepower (d) (1984), To the Edge of Danger (d) (1984), A Horseshoe for Luck (d) (1985), Last Judgment (d) (1987), Seven Simeons (d) (1988), Song of Songs (d) (1989), Once There Were Seven Simeons (d) (1989), Prayer (d) (1990), The Jew’s Alley (d) (1992).

Freimanis, Aivars, b. 1936
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Geka, Dzintra, b. 1950
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Grauba, Aigars, b. 1965
(selected) Courage to Kill (f) (1993), with Ingors Linga, Summer of Terror, or Indecision Costs (f) (1999?).

Grinbergs, Andris, b.
(selected) Self-Portrait (d) (Latvia/USA, 1972/95)

Hahn, Alexander, b.
(selected) Far Away from St. Petersburg (f) (1990?).

Jansons, Edmunds, b. 1972
(selected) Haiku (a) (1995).

Jansons, Viktors, b.
(selected) Kant’s Grave (f) (1991).

Jevskovskis, A., b.
(selected) On Home Ground (d) (1947), with N. Karmazinski.

Kairiss, Viesturs, b.
(selected) Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Aija Bleja, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve.

Kalejs, Janis, b.
(selected) Morning in the Pine Forest (f) (Latvia/Canada, 1998), with Mara Ravins.

Kalnins, Rolands, b. 1922
(selected) Ilze (d) (1959), Tempest (d) (1959), Stone and Splinters (d) (1966), I Remember Everything, Richard (d) (1966), Breathe Deeply (d) (1967), Queen’s Knight (d) (1970), Brick-Kiln (d) (1972), Piejuras Klimats (f) (1974/92), Four Seasons of the Year (d) (1975), Four Springs (d) (1975), Men’s Games in Nature (d) (1978), Conversation with the Queen (d) (1980), The Stony Road (d) (1983), If We Stand All This (d) (1987), Tapers (d) (1989), The Seaside Climate (d) (1974/92).

Kalpenieks, Ivo, b.
(selected) Heavenly Island (s) (1997).

Karkins, Janis, b. 1962
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Karmazinski, N., b.
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Klava, Dainis, b. 1965
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Krenbergs, Imants, b.
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Krievs, Arvids, b. 1944
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Krilovs, Peteris, b.
(selected) Un Rasas Lases Ritausma (s?) (1977), Vasara Bija Tikai Vienu Dienu (s?) (1980), Mana Gimene (s?) (1982), Outskirts (s) (1986), Sizeta Pagrieziens (s?) (1988), Maestro (s?) (1989), The Legend of Tideman (f,v) (1998).

Krumins, Dzintars, b. 1965
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Kundzins, Arnis, b.
(selected) Kowach (s) (1994), with Roberts Vinovskis.

Lacis, Eriks., b.
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Lapenieks, Vilis, b.
(selected) The Fisherman’s Son (f) (1939).

Leimanis, Aleksander, b.
(selected) The Devil’s Servants (d?) (1970), The Devil’s Servants in the Devil’s Windmills (d?) (1972), The Claws of the Black Crawfish (d?) (1975), The Open World (d?) (1979).

Leimanis, Leonids, b.
(selected) Late Frost (f?) (1955), Captain Nil (f?) (1964), Edgars and Kristine (f) (1966), At the Rich Landlady’s (f?) (1969), The Devil’s Servants (f?) (1970).

Liepa, Dace, b. 1966
(selected) Title Tricks (a) (1991).

Linga, Ingors, b. 1966
(selected) Courage to Kill (f) (1993), with Aigars Grauba.

Linina, Mara, b.
(selected) Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Aija Bleja, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve.

Locmele, Lucija, b.
(selected) The Red-Headed Tourist (s) (1980), The Sun Candle (d?) (1986).

Margevics, Talivaldis, b.
(selected) Hat on the Sidewalk (d) (1991), Draggon’s Egg (f) (1996).

Marsons, K., b.
(selected) Be my Mother-in-Law! (d?) (1977).

Mass, Irina, b.
(selected) Cilveks Ieiet Varaviksne (d?) (1962).

Mass, Vasilijs, b.
(selected) Spider (f) (1992).

Miziss, Andis, b.
(selected) Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Aija Bleja, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Igors Verenieks, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve.

Neretniece, Ada, b.
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Nikolajevs, Sergejs, b.
(selected) Why RAF Bungles the Job (d) (1987), Elephants (d) (1990).

Pakalnina, Laila, b. 1962
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Pakalnins, Juris, b. 1957
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Pashkevics, Yevgenijs, b. 1948
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Piesis, Gunars, 1931-1996
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Pipars, Romnatds, b.
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Pjatkin, Anatolijs, b.
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Poselskis, Mihails, b.
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Poskus, Juris, b.
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Pucitis, Uldis, b.
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Ramane, V., b.
(selected) Forgotten Things (f?) (1982).

Ravina, Mara, b.
(selected) Morning in the Pine Forest (f) (Latvia/Canada, 1998), with Janis Kalejs.

Riba, Inga, b. 1960
(selected) Once He Walked (a) (1991).

Rikarde, Skilla, b.
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Rozenbergs, Andris, b.
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Rozenbergs, Olegs, b.
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Rusteikis, Aleksander, b.
(selected) Bears’ Killer (d?) (1930).

Saulitis, Askolds, b.
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Skapans, Nils, b.
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Tannenberg, Martin, b.
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Timrots, Pauls, b. 1967
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Tslinsky, Gunar, b.
(selected) Fear (f) (1986).

Verenieks, Igors, b.
(selected) Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Aija Bleja, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Ilze Vidauska, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve.

Vidaska, Ilze, b.
(selected) Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (f) (1997), omnibus film with Arta Biseniece, Aija Bleja, Viesturs Kairiss, Dzintars Krumins, Mara Linina, Andis Miziss, Igors Verenieks, Anna Viduleja, Kristine Zelve.

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Viduleja, Anna, b.
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Vinovskis, Roberts, b.
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Zelve, Kristine, b.
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Zemels, Genadijs, b.
(selected) Looking Upwards (s) (198?)

Zurgina, Laima, b. 1943
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Abukevichius, Petras, b. 1928
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Bagochiunas, Saulius, b.
(selected) Dog Year (s) (1996).

Balsys, Vytautas, b.
(selected) Autobus (s) (1992).

Banionis, Raimondas, b. 1957
(selected) Speed Is My God (s) (1979), Gentlemen of the Road (s) (1981), Masters of the Time Machine (d) (1981), My Little Wife (f) (1984), Sixteen-Year-Olds (f,tv series, 3 parts) (1984-86),The Children of Hotel America (f) (1990), Jazz (f) (1993).

Baniulyte, Ieva, b.
(selected) Guest (s) (1998).

Bartas, Sharunas, b. 1964
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(selected) Only Infinite Love (s) 1991).

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Dausa, Algirdas, b. 1940
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Digimas, Aleksandras, b. 1934
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Dubinskaite, Ingrida, b.
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Grizhas, Jonas, b.
(selected) Voodoo (s) (1998).

Grizickas, V., b.
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Janchoras, Aloyzas, b. 1944
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Jevdokimovas, Arturas, b. 1966
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Juknevichius, R., b.
(selected) Oh, Mushroom, Mushrooms (f) (1953, uncompeted), with Nota Luboshits.

Juzenas, Andrius, b. 1963
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Kabaraite, Edita, b.
(selected) Dobile (s) (1998).

Kachiniskas, H., b.
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Kalabukhov, Pyotr, 1916-1982
(selected) Civil Defence on a Collective Farm (d) (1967), From Farms to Settlements (d) (1973), Specialization and Concentration (d) (1978), Machinery for Pressed Fodder (d) (1980).

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Kilimonyte, Dalia, b. 1960
(selected) No Parking (s) (1997).

Kopayev, Stanislav, b. 1937
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Kravhunovsky, I., b.
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(selected) Mistresses of Their Own Life (d) (1964), The Ninth Fort (d) (1965), People Need Captains (d) (1965), Fisherman’s Life (d) (1967), Lithuanian White Pigs (d) (1970), To Make Our Land Bountiful (d) (1971), The City That Came Back from a Fairy Tale (d) (1973), Salud, Camaradas, Salud (d) (1974), As You Sow, So Shall You Reap (d) (1978), Introduction of New Agricultural Crops (d) (1978), Sanitation in a Diary (d) (1982), Lithuania ’83 (d) (1983), Antanas Jonynas (d) (1983).

Kundelis, Algimantas, b. 1936
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Kunigenas, Marius, b.
(selected) Good Morning, Mr. Hans (s) (1998).

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Kurmankojaev, Sadyr, b.
(selected) Halt in a Snow Storm (f) (1995).

Mamilov, Sulambek, b. 1938
(selected) The Color of White Snow (f,tv) (1972), with A. Vasiliev, Extremely Dangerous (f) (1979), Ladies’ Tango (f) (1983), The Day of Wrath (f) (1985), Where Little Cloud Spent the Night (f) (1987), Murder on Zhdanovskaya (f) (1992).

Okeev, Tolomush, b. 1935
(selected) These Are Horses (d) (1965), The Sky of Our Childhood (f) (1967), Boom (d) (1965), Mountain Necklace (s) (1969), The Inheritance, or The Heritage (f) (1970), Huntsman’s Birds (d) (1970), Pay Tribute to Fire (f) (1971), The Fierce One (f) (1973), Red Apple (f) (1975), Uhlan, or Wind of Misfortune (f) 1977), Golden Autumn (f) (1980), Sculptor Olga Manuylova (d) (1982), Descendant of the Snow Leopard (f) (1984), Mirages of Love (f) (USSR/Syria, 1987).

Rispaev, Erkinbek, b. 1955
(selected) Kon (s) (1991), with Bolot Alimbaev, Clay Boy (s) (1994).

Sodanbek, Djali, b.
(selected) Dilitannte (f) (1987).

Sarulu, Marat, b. 1957
(selected) The Well (s?) (1986), Prayers about a Holy Bird (s?) (1989), In Spe, or In Hope (f) (1993).

Shamshiev, Bolotbek, b. 1941
(selected) Manashi, or Manas Bards (d) (1965), The Herdsman, or The Shepherd (d) (1966), The Gunshot in the Mountain Pass, or The Shot at Karash Pass (f) (1968), Red Poppies of Issyk-Kul (f) (1971), Love’s Echo (f,tv) (1974), The White Ship (f) (1975), Among People (f) (1978), with Artykbai Suyundukov, Early Cranes (f) (1979), The Wolf Pit (f) (1982), Snipers (f) (1985), The Ascent of Fujiyama (f) (1988).

Suyundukov, Artykbai, b.
(selected) Among People (f) (1978), with Bolotbek Shamshiev, Roads Meet (f) (1988).



Akhadov, Valery, b.
(selected) Who Is Going to Truskavets? (f) (1975), Family Secrets (f) (1983), Viewpoint (f) (198?), with Saido Kurbanov.

Akhmadov, Pulat, b.
(selected) First-hand (d) (1988), Wolves in Town (d) (198?).

Artikov, Gennady, b.
(selected) Stalinabad (d) (1989).

Cubaev, Rauf, b.
(selected) Gone (d) (1992).

Kassymova, Margarita, b. 1962
(selected)The Cry (d) (197?), Summer of ’43 (f) (197?), Djbura Sorkar (f) (1970), Today and Always (f) (1982), White Roads (d) (1989).

Khamdanov, Rustam, b.
(selected) My Heart’s in the Mountains (f) (1969).

Khamidov, Tolib, b. 1956
(selected) Such Is Life (d) (1989), Identification of Wishes (f) (1991).

Khudonazarov, Davlat, b. 1944
(selected) Lullaby (s) (1966/forbidden), Birth (d) (197?), Youth’s First Morning (f,tv) (1979), Murmur of a Brook in Melting Snow (f) (1982), Sources (d) (1985), Master (d) (1988).

Khudoinazarov, Bakhtiyar, b. 1965
(selected) Jokers (s) (1985), Believe It or Not (f) (1987), Brothers (f) (1991), Kosh-ba-Kosh (f) (1993).

Kurbanov, Saido, b.
(selected) Viewpoint (f) (198?), with Valery Akhadov.

Mirzoeva, Gulbakhor, b. 1959
(selected) Two (d) (1989), Deus Concernat Omnia (d) (1990), Sabbath (d) (1990).

Sabirov, Tahir, b.
(selected) New Tales of Sheherezadze (f) (1986), Tears and a Sword (f) (1991).

Sadykov Baku, b. 1941
(selected) Dialog (d) (197?), Weather Unfit for Work (d) (197?), Village Teacher (d) (197?), Adonis XIV (s) (1977), Clay Bird (s) (1979), The Season of White Frogs (f,tv) (1982),Sandstorm (f) (1989), Blessed Bukhara (f) (1991), Josus, or The Scout (f) (1992), Island (f) (Tadjikistan/Kazakhstan, 1993).

Sharipov, Orzumurad, b. 1956
(selected) Roots (d) (1991), Gazi Nijas (d) (1992), A Handful of Native Soil (d) (1993).

Soliev, Safarbek, b.
(selected) In the Name of Akuramzady (d) (1989).

Turaev, Anvar, b.
(selected) The Pain of Love (f) (1990).

Usmanov, Jamshed, b.
(selected) The Well (f) (1991).

Yusupova, Mairam, b. 1949
(selected) The Aged (d) (197?), Rudaki (d) (1977), Galla (d) (1981), A Few Days in the Life of Young People (d) (1882), Assimilation (d) (1983), Motif (d) (1987), Window (f) (1989), Face (d) (1990), The Time of Yellow Grass (f) (1991), Gilem (d) (1992), Remember Your Name (d) (1992), Korean Man (d) (1993), The Greek Vase (d) (1993), Message (d) (1994).



Abdullaev, Bayram, b.
(selected) Dzigit Always Dzigit (d?) (199?), Where Are You, My Brother (d) (1993?), with Lora Stepanskaya, The Burnt Soul (f) (1995), with Lora Stepanskaya.

Agakhanov, Khodjakuli, b.
(selected) The Last Road (f) (1963).

Aliev, Murad, b. 1952
(selected) Putk Olimpu (d) (1977), Machtumkuli - Veliky Poet (de) (1979), Rozhdenie (d) (1979), Etyud Ob Aktyere (d) (1981), Doroga V Zavtra (d) (1984), Palvan (d) (1985), The Story of a Horse Race (d) (1986), The Aura (d) (1988).

Annamuradov, Shikhmurad, b. 1956
(selected) Zverolov (s) (1988), Kolybelnaya (s) (1989), Pelek Om Prum (s) (1990), The Last of Taymun (s) (1991), Madonni (s) (1992).

Gumadov, Rasmirad, b.
(selected) Kemine (d) (1991).

Kakabaev, Khalmamed, b. 1939
(selected) A Boy with a Donkey (s) (1973), The Color of Gold (s) (1974), Kidnapping of the Racehorse (s) (1978), As Soon as Dad Returns (s) (1980), Short Sleeves (s) (1983), Secred Ambassador (f?) (1986), The Son (f) (1987), Bird of Paradise (f) (1991), Karma (f) (1994), Repentance (f) (1996).

Karliev, Alti, b. 1909
(selected) Makhtumkuli (f) (1968).

Mamedov, Bilbil, b. 1953
(selected) Destiny of My Youth (f) (1992).

Mansurov, Bulat, b. 1937
(selected) The Contest (f) (1963), Quenching the Thirst (f) (1967), The Slave Girl, or Takyr, the Slave Girl (f) (1969), There Is No Death, Boys (f) (1970), Kulager’s Funeral, or Funeral Feast “Kulager” (f) (1972), Warm Winds of Ancient Bulgars (f) (1996?).

Mollanyasov, Sapar, b.
(selected) We Have Build Us a New World (d) (1991).

Narliev, Khodjakuli, b. 1937
(selected) Your Eyes (d) (1963), Me and My Brothers (d) (1964), Colors of Forty Springs (d) (1964), Turkmenistan Petrolium (d) (1967), Three Days of One Year (d) (1968/71), Man Overboard (f) (1969), The Bride, or The Daughter-in-Law (f) (1972), When a Women Saddles a Horse (f) (1974), Learn to Say “No” (f) (1976), Cemal’s Tree (f) (1980), The Karakum Desert, 45 Degrees Centigrade in the Shade (f) (1982), Fragi, Deprived of Happiness (f) (1984), Mankurt, or Bird-Memory (f) (USSR/Turkey, 1989).

Saparov, Usman, b. 1938
(selected) The Little Camel (s) (1979), A Man of 8 Years (f) (1982), with Jasgeldy Seydov, Adventures on Green Islands (f) (1985), Little Angel, Make a Joy (f) (1992).

Schugarev, Sergei, b.
(selected) Fragrance of Wishes (f) (1996), Parents’ Day (f) (1996).

Stepanskaya, Lora, b.
(selected) Mysteries of the Movement (d) (199?), Monologue of a Director (d?) (199?), Where Are You, My Brother (d?) (1993?), with Bairam Abdullaev, The Burnt Soul (f) (1995), with Bayram Abdullaev.



Abassov, Eldjohn, b. 1966
(selected) Paradoxes, or A Play with Signs (f) (1988).

Abassov, Shukrat, b.
(selected) Vasisualy Lohankin (s) (1958), with Georgi Danelia, Little Man in a Big War (f) (198?).

Aga-Mirzaev, Muhtar, b.
(selected) The Golden Fleece (f) (1981), with Latif Fajziev.

Akbarhodzhaev, Akmal, b.
(selected) Red Sands (f) (1968), with Ali Khamraev.

Akhmar, Khodzha, b.
(selected) Satellite of the Planet Uranus (f) (198?).

Babaev, Sandzhar, b.
(selected) Scratch (s) (197?), Bitterness of a Downfall (f) (198?).

Batyrov, Ravil, b. 1931
(selected) Your Traces (f) (1963), with Albert Khachaturov, The Rope Walkers (f) (1964), Don’t Shoot at the 26th (f) (1966), The Apples of 1941 (f) (1969), We’ll Be Waiting, Lad (f) (1972), My Kind Man (f) (1973), The Unforgotten Song (f) 1975), The Great Dreamer (f) (1977), Love and Fury, or Forceful Years (f) (USSR/Yugoslavia, 1978), with Zivko Ristic, The Lad Has Not Come Back (f) (1985), Around the Second Circle (f) (1987).

Davletov, Daksalyk, b.
(selected) Gum-Gum (d?) (198?).

Davletshin, Farid, b.
(selected) Kaip’s Second Trip (d?) (198?), Emir’s Secret Journey (f) (198?).

Erkenov, Hussein, b. 1960
(selected) Kolka (s) (1987), Hundred Days Before Command (f) (1990), The Cold (f) (1992), Don’t Shoot the Passenger (f) (1993).

Fajziev, Jakhongir, b.
(selected) Who Do You Think You Are? (f) (1989), Sys-Kim-Sys (d?) (1993?).

Fajziev, Khabibula, b. 1938
(selected) Come Back with the Sun (f) (1969), Hello, Kind Man! (f) (1973), Mishka-Actor (f,tv) (1976), Tour of Worthy People (f,tv), (1979), Spring Melody (f,tv), Train to the “Childhood” Station (f) (1986), Dinosaurs of the 20th Century (f) (1990), Hey, Train Robbery (f) (1991), The Ravine (f) (1993).

Fajziev, Latif, b. 1929
(selected) Mikita Bratus (d) (1951), Along the Amu Darya (d) (1952), The Rich Man and the Rustic (f) (1953), with Alexander Ginzburg, Defeat of the Emirate (f) (1955), with Vladimir Bassov, Sacred Blood (f) (1956), By Lenin’s Command (f) (1957), The Sacred Bloom (f) (1959), Birdie (f) (1961), Ulugbek’s Star (f) (1964), Born During the Storm (f) (1965), Sons of the Homeland (f) (1968), Living Pages of the Album (d) (1969), Timur Malik (d) (1970), Moving Miniatures (d,tv) (1971), The Oriental Tale (d,tv) (1972), Sunrise Over the Ganges (f) (1975), The Festival (d) (1976), Eyelashes for the Eyes of the House (d) (1976), The Adventures of Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves (f) (USSR/India, 1979), On His Motherland’s Service (f) (1980), The Golden Fleece (f) (1981), with Muhtar Aga-Mirzaev, The Awakening (f) (1983), Legend of Love (f) (USSR/India, 1984), with Umesh Mehra, Dragon Hunting (f) (USSR/Nicaragua, 1986), Jungle Law, or The Hunter (f) (USSR/India, 1991), with Umesh Mehra, According to the Law of the Jungle (f) (1991).

Fataliev, Ramiz, b.
(selected) The Scondrel (f) (198?).

Fatkhullin, Aliaskar, b. 1948
(selected) A Scratch (s) (1986), A Monster or Somebody Else (f) (198?).

Ganiev, Nabi, 1904-1953
(selected) Nasreddin (f) (1946).

Irgashev, Ishmail, b.
(selected) The Stone Idol (d) (198?).

Irgashev, Olim, b. 1951
(selected) Guriya (s,f) (1984), Unsina (s,f) (1987), Almighty (s,f) (1988), Guriya (f)(1988), omnibus film with Unsina, Guria, Almighty episodes.

Ishmukhamedov, Elier, b. 1942
(selected) Rendezvous (s) (1963), Tenderness (f) (1966), In Love (f) (1969), Farewell, Green Summer (f) (198?), Shock (f) (1988).

Kamalova, Kamara, b.
(selected) A Bitter Berry (f) (1975), Somebody Else’s Happiness (f) (1978), Will We Come Out Tomorrow? (f) (1980), About the Thing Which Never Happened (f) (1983), My Grandson Works for the Police (f) (1986), The Savage (f) (1990), All Around Was Covered with Snow (f) (1995).

Kamshalova, Tamara, b.
(selected) Savage (f?) (198?).

Khachaturov, Albert, b.
(selected) Your Traces (f) (1963), with Ravyl Batyrov.

Khamraev, Ali, b. 1937
(selected) Short Stories about Children Who… (f) (1961), with Mukadas Makhmudov, Where the Sun Always Shines (d) (1962), Salaam, Bahore! (d) (1962), He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (f) (1963), Where Are You, My Zulfiya? (f) (1964), White, White Storks (f) (1966), Grandmother of 5000 Grandchildren (d) (1967), Dilorom (d) (1967), Red Sands (f) (1968), with Akmal Akbarhodzhaev, The Extraordinary Commissar (f) (1970), Without Fear (f) (1971), Lenin and Turkistan (d) (1971), The Seventh Bullet (f) (1972), Admirer (f) (1973/75), Lenin and Uzbekistan (d,tv) (1974), Uzbekistan, 1941-1945, or Years of Brotherhood and Experiments: Uzbekistan, 1941-1945 (d) (1974/76), Following the Birds’ Trail, or Man Follows the Birds (f) (1975), Triptych (f) (1978), The Bodyguard (f) (1979), Red Gate (d) (1981, unreleased), A Hot Summer in Kabul (f) (USSR/Afghanistan, 1982), The Bride of Vuadil (f) (1984), I Remember You (f) (1985), The Garden of Desire, or The Wishing Garden (f) (1987), Emir Timur, or Tamurlane (f) (1996?).

Khazhkasimov, Hasan, b.
(selected) The Last of the Gone (d) (1996?)

Makhmudov, Mukadas, b.
(selected) Short Stories about Children Who… (f) (1961), with Ali Khamraev.

Makhmudov, Sukhrat, b. 1949
(selected) Mi Ne Trudniye (d) (1983), Dostoinstvo Ili Taina Ulibki (d) (1988), Plamya (d) (1989), Bagrovaya Zemlya (d) (1990), The Fifth Line in the Passport (d) (1992), with Rosa Mergenbueva, Siyayuschiy (d) (1995), Black Ashes (d) (1997).

Malikov, Rashid, b.
(selected) A Clinic (f) (1988).

Mergenbueva, Rosa, b.
(selected) The Flame (d) (1988), The Fifth Line in the Passport (d) (1992), with Sukhrat Makhmudov.

Nazarmukhamedov, Sabir, b.
(selected) Wolves (d?) (198?).

Nazarov, Uchkan, b.
(selected) Fiery Drums, or The Battle of the Three Kings (f) (Uzbekistan/Morroco, 198?).

Orynbasarova, Rosa, b. 1957
(selected) Think Easy of Me (d) (1984), Vacation of Love (d) (1985), Atchisay (d) (1988), The House (d) (1989), Sacrifice for the Emperor (f) (1991), The Waiting Room (f) (Russia/France, 1992).

Rojzman, Zinovij, b. 1941
(selected) A House under the Hot Sun (f) (1977), In the Mainstream of a Furious River (f,tv) (1980), Password “Hotel Regina” (f) (1984), with Yury Agzamov, Galaxy of Love (f,tv) (1984), A Representative of the Revolution (f,tv) (1987), Code of Silence (f) (1990), Code of Silence II (f) (1993).

Sabitov, Yury, b.
(selected) Singed by Kandahar (d?) (198?).

Salimov, Davran, b. 1941
(selected) Bobo (d) (1977), Pain (d) (1979), Don’t Call Kizil-Kumi a Desert (d) (1981), Long Way Home (d) (1984), Red Drummer (d) (1990), Ony in Deep Serdakh (d) (1990), Forty Years after Childhood (d) (1990), Choir (d) (1997).

Shermukhamedov, Gkyas, b.
(selected) Sogdiana, Abobe of the Gods (f) (Uzbekistan/Algeria, 1995).

Tulakhodzhaev, Nazim, b.
(selected) Veld (f?) (198?).

Yakubov, Bakhtiar, b.
(selected) Diary of a Young Writer (f) (198?).

Yarmatov, Kamil, b. 1903
(selected) Road without Sleep (f) (1946), Alishar Navoy (f) (1947), Pakhta-Oi (f) (1952), Rakhmanov’s Sisters (f) (1954), When Roses Bloom (f) (1959), Poem of Two Hearts (f) (1967), Horsemen of the Revolution (f) (1968).

Zainutdinov, Fedavz, b.
(selected) Embrace of Dreams (f) (198?).

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